Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Family Celebration

Yesterday was the day that we celebrated the graduation and licensing of our little "nurse practitioner." Morgan finished the program awhile ago, but this was the first time she's been in town. So, we did what this family does best---partied! Pool partied! Complete with games and party favors. 

We started with a brunch--quiches from Puffy Muffin, chicken salad from The Picnic, fresh fruit, scones and cranberry jello salad. 
Stephanie handled the napkins:
Pool time was next:
Morgan and Olly. 
The party favors! It's not a party without party favors!! I made the tags for Stephanie: "The future's is so bright, I gotta' wear shades!" Perfect for the pool! 

We played an impossible game. Stephanie had everyone put a cookie on their forehead. The object was to work it down to your mouth. No one was able to do it. Butch and I declined because, well, it was sort of stupid! I was more worried about drawing ants to the pool deck! Still, some things are "hits" and some are "misses." This was a miss. Even Steph said she thought it would be silly fun. Silly, yes. Still I love that she tried to find something new to try. You just never know.

Speaking of games, Mindy gave Butch a new one for Father's Day.
It's a game that dates back to Viking days. Mindy said it was one of the top games on Amazon. It's called "Kubb." We have no idea what that stands for. Butch, me, Stephanie and Nicky were on a team.
You play it with little blocks of wood and these throwing sticks. We had two teams. Olly, Morgan, Mitchell and Mindy were on the other team.
We each won a game, so we had a tie breaker. Our team lost. It was a lot of fun and something different than bocce or washers (that's a St. Louis game).

Don't you love it when you give a party for someone else and then you wind up getting gifts yourself? I sure do! Who doesn't love presents?
Morgan and Olly went to Bonnaroo last week and then on to the beach for a few days. They brought us treats to thank us. I love the vase of sunflowers. They are so bright and cheery. They also gave us a pot of "hens & chicks" and some local goodies: pecan maple butter and pepper jelly. The beach condo is for the family--we don't need thanks. But, I have to admit, I'm sure glad they did!

When Mindy left, she snapped this picture:
When Mitchell arrived, he said it looked like we had a Jeep dealership out front. We all got a kick out of that. We are a Jeep lovin' family for sure---as the four of these prove. Plus, my Jeep is in the back, so that's five! 

My very first SUV was a Jeep. I've had 4 of them myself since 1996. After 3, I switched to a Buick Enclave in solidarity with my brother, Matt, who spent his whole career with GM. That car was too big with way too many blind spots. I've always said, they need to let short people test drive cars! Anyway, I couldn't wait to go back to my Jeep! I love it. I'm probably good for one more!


  1. Congrats to her! And, obviously, y'all know how to throw a party!

  2. What a great excuse for a celebration! I've never heard of trying to get a biscuit from your forehead to mouth but I have heard of doing it with an After Eight mint (do you have them over there?) which is easier I would think, plus you have to work fast or you end up with melted chocolate all over your face!
    I can't imagine driving a large jeep - I'm only 5' 1" and my little Mini is my perfect kind of car!


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