Tuesday, June 7, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

Our first stop on our cruise was Key West. Since we were just there in January, we had already done all of the touristy things. So, Sharon and I decided to do a little shopping. We saw a lot of fun and cute things, but restrained ourselves. 
However, I couldn't resist these:
Butch had gone out earlier in the morning and talked about this hat. He said he didn't get it because he didn't really need another hat. As we all know, "need" has nothing to do with it! He rarely splurges on himself---if you even consider 20 bucks a splurge! 
On the other hand, I had no problem splurging on myself--way more than 20 bucks. I know the meaning of splurge!! And, no, I didn't really "need" anymore jewelry. But how could I resist! 

On the cruise ship, they have shops that are really expensive and then they have one that is pretty reasonable. Then they run specials to get you excited about parting with your money buying more things you don't "need"! But, I really, really needed these items!
Here's the deal. The special was---if you bought four items, you got a fifth one for free. Considering each item was only $10---it was a great deal.
This was the fifth item that I really didn't "need", but it was free, so this is what I got. Who doesn't like a sparkly, diamond, fake bracelet? It's sitting on top of a black pashmina. I wanted a black one to take on this trip, but the only one I had was more of an evening type--chiffon material. I mostly use them for warmth so that didn't really work--this new one is perfect!

I really liked the beach bag. I plan to take it to the beach. I have 3 there already. I have one for the beach--which is getting pretty ratty and needs replacing and 2 are nicer, for the pool. I'm going to bring one of the nicer ones home to keep here. This one will replace the one to use on the beach--you know with all that sand!

As for the scarf, I just couldn't resist! I knew I had the perfect thing to wear this one with.
I've already reported my 30+ pashminas/scarves I already have. I use them ALL the time. I brought four with me on this trip. I love them. 
Now I really, really needed this evening bag. Really! I had a pretty nice assortment of beautiful evening bags that I got rid of. They were very nice--several hand beaded, some were purchased for specific dresses--you get the picture. But, they were too small to hold my epi pens, so I knew I wouldn't be able to use them.This one--for 10 bucks--fills the bill for when I need something for fancy evening use. It's good enough. I already used it on the trip.
The scarf goes perfectly with this blouse. I love the soft colors. I wore it to dinner one night. I can't believe I didn't get a picture with me wearing it. 

It's fun to get bargains. Sort of justifies the things that are not bargains!! Anyway, I NEEDED it all!

What did you "need" that you bought this week?

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  1. Well, we are going away next month and it will be the first time we have been overseas since September 2019 so I really did 'need' those two new dresses that I bought last week. You seem to have found some great bargains there!


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