Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Frustrations

So you are getting two posts today. I'm aggravated and wanted to gripe for a bit!

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with Bloglovin’. It’s my blog reader. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a place where you list all the blogs you follow. It keeps track of any new posts and lists them for you. It’s much easier than having to check each blog you follow every day to see if there is a new post. So much easier. Especially when you follow around 200 blogs! 

It’s easy to keep up with said blogs this way. Until—it’s not working properly! Then it’s just plain frustrating. What I’ve learned is that I just have to wait out the message: “something went wrong” or “this link is broken.” 

At first, that sent me in to a panic. Checking over 200 blogs daily is just not practical—nor doable. When it first happened, I thought Bloglovin’ was “over.” I thought my convenient blog reader was no more, kaput, finished. Every few days, I checked it. Finally, it seemed to be working again. But now I realized that it’s down more often than I would like. Still, I just have to wait it out. Sometimes it takes over a week before it’s up again. Which means that I have about a hundred or more posts to go through. That’s not the end of the world except that it takes quite a while to do that. I don’t even read all the new posts right then. I just add them to my reading list to read later when I have the time. That list is growing longer and longer. But the biggest problem is that by not being able to comment on these posts in a timely manner, I have a hard time posting comments at all. I've learned a "work-around"--as they say, but it's a hassle for sure. 

Why can't things just work the way they are supposed to? Pools, phones, televisions, internet--every dang thing we've come to rely on!! I just want everything to work already! It's so darn frustrating!

Thanks for letting me get these first world problems off my chest!


  1. Technology is great - until it stops being reliable!

  2. My third attempt at commenting on this posts reveals that I am even more annoyed at Blogger than either Bloglovin or even Feedly. I have dumped most of the feeds I was following casually and now stick to the few in my sidebar. Old blog friends are the best blog friends, it seems.


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