Saturday, June 25, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

I have to admit, I love to make interactive scrapbook pages. It started when I decided that I did not want to have several pages about the same trip. So, I came up with the idea to add flip ups, pull outs, flaps and smaller inserts so that each trip is still just one layout. Once you open the page, you go from there.
This is how the layout looks when you open it up.
This is the front side of the smaller inserted page.
This is the fold out flap on the left side of the layout--the Portugal side.
On the left is the other side of the insert page. An entire trip within one double page spread! Of course, I can only put about 8 trips in one album, but that's okay with me!
I did this page for Nancy for our monthly "round robin."
This is the layout Nancy did for me last month. One thing you need to know about Nancy--she's a relatively new scrapbooker. It's amazing how she's progressed as an old pro with lots of cool ideas. For example, that large ornament actually is the journaling piece for the layout.
She just added a brad to the top so it can swivel to access the journaling. Clever!
And then on top of that, the part with the ornament is actually a fold out.
This is my AYM page for this month. It was my turn to pick the song. I chose "Forever Young" by Bob Dillon (Not Rob Stewart's version). I still can't believe I'm 70! I plan to stay "forever young" as long as I can!

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  1. Oh my, you have been scrappy! I bet you thoroughly enjoyed making that last page. Kudos again on the weight loss.

    As far as interactive pages, I love a good flip flap, or hidden journaling, or pocket pages in the middle. Good job on utilizing your interactive elements.


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