Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Travel Tuesday

So. This "Travel Tuesday" post is about an upcoming trip. We are taking the family on an African safari in September. Well, most of the family (10 of us)--Sandy and her gang did a trip to Spain last month. 

Anyway, since most of us who are going on the safari were together this weekend, we decided to have a meeting. And boy did we need it! Everybody has been bombarding Butch--who is our family planner/point person--with questions. Definitley better they contact him rather than overwhelming our travel agent/friend, Mary! They are all panicking about what to wear and the vaccinations needed. 

Butch did a good job going over the basic "do's and don't" on a safari. The guys listened patiently without much in the way of comments. On the other hand, the girls were freaking out! "What do you mean we can't wear shorts, tank tops, flip flops, no dark, white or birght clothes, etc.?" 

Butch calmly told them the reasoning behind each recommendation--tse tse flies, dust, heat, cold, etc. 

I'll admit, I was a little panicked myself until I found linen pants on the Old Navy website. I brought the pants that I got so they could see them in person. They are even on a better sale than when I bought mine--$24.50. The ones I got are a little big, so I bought two more pairs in a smaller size. Believe me, I've never owned dark green or brown pants in my life. The girls were not really receptive to this style--nor am I, but I'm a rule follower. So, linen pants it is for me.

Butch tried in vain to remind them that it is NOT a fashion show! About that time, I did mention that I knew I would have the cutest safari hat---and I'm pretty sure I do! I'll share a picture when it comes in. 

When we got home, Mindy sent this picture...
..with this caption: "so I'm guessing these are a "no?" 
I responded to just change the laces. The girls are really freaking out for sure.

Later, Butch did a little more research and found pictures on Trip Advisor where people wore anything and everything on safaris. To ease the girls minds, he let the girls know. They were ecstatic! Mindy mentioned how "stressed" she was over the whole clothing "thing." Now maybe they can all relax and look forward to the trip!

Looks like the fashion show is back "on!" That's just how we roll!

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  1. My son spent 6 weeks in Tanzania while he was at uni and loved the African experience. Where are you going for your safari? I think that so long as you are sensible and keep as much skin as possible covered up so those pesky insects don't have a feast on you, you will be fine!


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