Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Reboot Tour

To say you are retiring just means for a little while. I'm not surprised. It must be awfully hard to give up that nightly adulation and have to be just a regular person. Life must seem pretty boring after such a celebrated career. 

When I heard that Brooks & Dunn were doing a "reboot tour," I just had to go. Luckily, Mindy and Stephanie are up for anything. 

They put on a really good concert, so I was happy to get a chance to see them before they really retire. 

There was a newcomer that opened the show--Tyler Braden. He was really good. I recognized one of his songs. Then out came...
...Darius Rucker. I don't like his biggest hit because I feel like it was way overplayed. But I have to admit, hearing it in person was way more fun!                         
Prior to the show, a woman told us that Darius was at Ol' Red's (Blake Shelton's honky tonk). He signed autographs for everyone in the place!!

And then it was the headliners:
They were fabulous! 
And then this happened...
Miranda Lambert was in the audience. They called her onstage. She had her beer in hand and said she was just there to enjoy the show and drink! They got her to sing "Cowgirls Don't Cry" and "Neon Moon" with them. She quipped that if she'd known she'd be singin', she would have worn her Spanx! Her dress looked very much like Mindy's! 

I love Miranda Lambert, so that was a huge surprise! Only in Nashville! You just never know what's going to happen. No telling why she was in Nashville. I wonder if she made an appearance at her restaurant/bar, Casa Rosa. 

By the time the concert was over--11 p.m.--I couldn't get over how much was still happening! The traffic was insane--and we went several blocks out of our way to get out of it--but were still stuck in it. When we pulled up in front of Mindy's condo building, Stephanie couldn't believe how many people were lined up on the sidewalks waiting to get in to the places on Mindys street. She lives several blocks from Broadway--near Music Row. Of course, it is summer and the heighth of tourist season. It's great to see all those tourist dollars pouring in to the city! I think it's exciting. But then, I don't have to live amidst it! Still, I'll go down for a good concert! And this is our 4th in less than a year! 

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