Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

Seems like there have been things coming in---but nothing all that fun. I bought some drain cleaner, two luggage racks and a few other uninteresting things. But the best is what I didn't have to purchase! That would be scrapbook supplies!

Considering I've been cleaning out, here's my latest haul to smART--the place to donate supplies:

Another carload! I've gotten rid of just about all the rubber stamps, lots of punches, about 12" of paper and tons of ribbon and fibers. Oh, the ribbon and fibers! All the glitters are gone. Paints, gone. Markers, gone. I can't even remember it all now. I figured if I haven't used it in the 20+ years I've been scrapbooking, I'm not going to! I'm just happy that it's all gone to a good home. When I pulled up to drop off, the girl made a comment about how organized everything was. She said that someone had to sort a crazy amount of paper last week and would be happy to see mine already sorted by color. I didn't know there was any other way!!

I'm glad it's all gone to a good home!

All that cleaning out helped prepare me for the scrapbook retreat I'm going on TODAY!! As I was sorting, I put together many, many, many color combinations for kits. Here are just a few:

While I was sorting, I put all the bits and baubles with the papers. That makes it so easy to have it all together. Plus, I forget what I have. There are probably about 30 of these ready to go. Just add pictures and the stories!

That left me plenty of time to pack. And pack I did. We're trying to get 3 of us and ALL of our scrapbook stuff which includes tools, coolers, cooking supples, food and clothes in one car. Oh and our electronics including a computer and printer. Plus, I'm bringing an 8ft. table. We'll see. I've put Karolyn on alert to have her car ready. That way, after I pick up Pam, if my car is full, then we'll need to take Karolyn's too. Fingers crossed that we'll be able to do it.
I got all of my scrapbooking supplies in these two, very heavy bags. There are my pictures and kits, light, assorted punches, cutting system, labelmaker, Little X, Gypsy, extension cords and power strips, tool kit, assorted adhesives, stapler, mini photo printer, extra cardstock, paper and pencil cup with all the things! 

Jeanne and Janet will be coming from St. Louis. They'll be in Janet's Suburban, so they'll have room for anything and everything. They bring extra tables, tray tables, 12" Circuit, boxes of cardstock and embellishments. Believe me, if you need something, someone will have it! 

I was talking to Jeanne the other day and we're both excited. I haven't seen her since November. I can't wait!! 

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  1. That's a wonderful gift you've given someone of things you're not ever going to use. I'm pinning my faith on my grand-daughter for mine but as she's only two, there's a while to wait! Hoping you have a wonderful scrapbook-retreat - you look very prepared with your kit preparation. And with all of those things to carry, you'll be growing some additional muscle too!


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