Sunday, February 6, 2022

Okay, I'm Tired of Waiting...

...for the plumbing fixtures! Now we've been informed that they are due to ship on February 18th. That's about the third date we've been given. I'm tired of waiting. So, I'm going to go ahead with the "big" reveal--everything except the guest bathroom. Here goes:

Mindy's Bedroom and Bathroom (for lack of a better name--I guess we could call it "guest room #1):

With Mindy's room, I broke my own rule. I always say that when you re-do a room, you need to do everything so you get the "wow" factor--and don't get tried of what you have too soon after. 
Everything here is as it was prior to the remodel---just new paint, light fixture (it's a retractable fan), new carpet, a few new decorations and new artwork. Window treatments, bedding and furniture remain the same.
I had those two colorful throw pillows in the closet in my office from about 15 years ago when the room was black and fuchsia. I was going to get rid of them, but decided to use them here for a pop of color. You have to really blow up this picture to see them. Side note: that black and white afghan was the last one mom made before she died. She wasn't even making it for me, that was just a coincidence that it worked for me. I finished it and knew I'd use it here.
Changing the paint color and the fact that it goes smoothly in to the new bathroom makes all the difference. This room really seems new and fresh.

The view you are seeing here once was the linen closet. We took that out and opened up the entire space. Christy's guy, Wilder, did the most fabulous job with all of those angled walls. Basically, when you entered the bathroom, the linen closet was on the left with a door next to that to the bathroom. The double vanity was on the same wall as the new one is now.
The linen closet was relocated to where the shower used to be. It was Christy's idea to use the same bi-fold door from the original linen closet. She always tries to save us $25 or $30 whenever she can!
All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone. All the ones here are from our trip to France. The small photo above the sink is from Monet's garden. 
That little floral on the left is left from before the remodel. It's actually an old, antique mailbox that I bought at the flea market years ago. I made the floral arrangement in it. I still like it!
You can see better where the linen closet was. It's made a huge difference by opening up the entire space. It looks so much larger now. Actually, it is a pretty good size bathroom.
I would probably never have used black tile, but Christy suggested it. I agreed with her that it's nice to tone down all of the white. Y'all know how I feel about white!! It's kind of hard to tell, but there is a bath tub here. 

Next is the hallway.
As you can see, it's a long hallway. We had everything painted including the 2 story entry. It's amazing how paint just brightens and cleans everything up. We also replaced the ceiling fixtures. There are three of them.
I removed quite a few of the pictures. I kept all of the girls wedding pictures and our 25th wedding anniversary picture. It just dawned on me as I'm looking at this. I need to get our 50th wedding anniversary picture framed too. I think I'll put that on my list!

Now on to my office. I didn't change anything here except the carpet. I didn't even take anything off the walls (I am thinking about getting rid of a few things--just haven't done it yet). I did get the closets cleaned out and got rid of all kinds of stuff. I cleaned every nook and cranny including all the files in my desk. I moved some of the decorative items around to freshen it up and got rid of quite a few--like my Aunt Jemima cookie jar. That's just too politically incorrect these days. But, I still love pancakes!
This is one of my favorite needlepoint pictures. It's called "Kaleidescope" and is a counted piece. Connie and I both did one.
The window treatments are the same as what's in Mindy's room. Christy had them done for me--identically about 10-12 years ago. She didn't balk when I said I wanted to keep them, so I guess that means she still likes them too! She's not one bit afraid to give me her opinion! I'm fine with that. I need her to make sure that I don't make some terrible mistake! Plus I like that she oversees and handles everything! 
I don't really use my office much at all anymore. Basically, the printer is here and I file stuff. That's about it. The computer still works, but is so old, it can't support the printer. The only reason I'm keeping it is because, hello, it's a computer hutch! About the only thing I use it for is to transfer photos to my laptop. They are all in the cloud anyway. They are just easier to access on the computer.

When we started this remodeling, we thought about changing this room back to a bedroom. Since we already have two guest rooms and a queen size futon in Butch's office, we just left it as it is. This furniture is just that cheap pressed wood, but it weighs a ton. I was concerned that the carpet layers would not be able to move it. Christy said it was their problem. I guess they deal with really heavy stuff all the time, because, apparently, it wasn't a problem! They moved it all out on the balcony.
Yeah, as I'm looking at this picture, those giant safety pins are going. 
I had planned to get a couple of new, more updated lamps. But these are really old. It was sort of bothering Butch---all of the things that had value that we were literally taking to Goodwill. In the end, it was his idea to just keep them. I'm fine with them. Since I got them from my "adopted" grandmother back around 1990, they will continue to be a reminder of her.

When I cleaned out my desk, I decided to take the file that had cards from Butch and the girls through the years and turn them into table decor. I just tied them all up with a blue ribbon. 

Now for the guest room. Let's start with a couple "before" pictures:
We donated all of the furniture and bedding. 
We didn't need a dresser and chest of drawers. 
Plus, I was just ready for a change. The room just looked so tired to me.
Now for the "after" pictures. It barely looks like the same room!
I bought the chairs from my friend, Nancy. 
I didn't want to put anything in front of the window this time. I just wanted the room to feel more open without a lot of furniture. I kept the matchstick blinds and curtain rod. The window treatment is custom with the natural linen fabric that I used downstairs in the family room. But, I had these made to match what the other window treatment was. I like the top part--maybe it's called a "flange"? I'm not sure. The lady that made them added buttons to it which I love. Christy handled all of that for me. There will be a Roman shade in the bathroom made out of the same fabric. That's the other great thing about Christy. She has all the records. So if I want something I had her do 10 years ago, she knows exactly the color or fabric. 
All of this bedding and the pillows on the bed came from Walmart. Sandy introduced me to a blog called "My Big Texas House." I've already told you about that girl and how I've become a Walmart shopper now because of her. Uh oh, I don't think Christy knows about my new Walmart obsession! Actually, I've said it before, I hate Walmart. I just really like this line. Plus, remember my cute Christmas pillows? You can't beat the prices, that's for sure. I'm not that worried about how well all of this might hold up as this room will only get used a few times a year.
The pictures over the bed used to be in our master (or should I say, "primary") bathroom years ago. I liked them, so saved them. I'm so glad I did. I have to give Butch credit for using them. He was the one to suggest it. I love how they work here. 

The little vintage chair came out of my scrapbook room. When I was starting to plan this room, this chair was probably one of the first things I knew I wanted to use with my French farmhouse feel. Stephanie thinks it's kind of goofy, but I like to have something on both sides of a bed so there's a place to put your phone, glasses, drink etc. It's just practical. 

One last thing, the pillows on the chairs were also something I'd saved from about 15 years ago when our bedroom was red. They are needlepoint, but not done by me. If you go back to the first picture, you can see the cream and tobacco colored one. I needlepointed that one--actually, that was my very first pillow. It's about 25 years old. The whole room is kind of a hodgepodge with a little of this and a little of that. I think it all works together just fine! I'm really happy with how it came out.

So, the last thing is the bathroom. You can see just a little sneak in one of the pictures. I have everything waiting to be placed and decorated. That will be after the plumbing goes in. Whenever that happens! Christy is on top of it. We couldn't have done any of this without her! Or, rather, I should say, I don't want to do it without her. It's so nice to just have someone handle everything. I love that girl!


  1. You really do have the most beautiful house - and it's decorated so well. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. It is quite lovely. All bright and white and fresh. Kudos to you and Christy and Butch.

  3. Such a very beautiful home - and you've made the most of all that light and space with those super full length windows. Congrats to all concerned!


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