Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Travel Tuesday

Well, we went on our scrapbook weekend. We had a fabulous time, but there were a few issues. 

1. We were supposed to go to Kentucky Dam Village on Kentucky Lake. We've been there at least a half dozen times. It's perfect for us--plenty of space. Unfortunately about a month before we were to go, I got a phone call from them saying they had to cancel our reservations. At first I was annoyed---until the person said they were still housing the tornado victims. I settled right down. Of course those people are a priority rather than our scrapbooking weekend.

2. Jeanne found an Air B&B in Hickory, Kentucky. It's billed as a "hunting lodge." When you turned off the state road, it was about a half mile down a muddy, gravel road. I didn't know it at the time, but my Jeep was covered in mud!

3. When we arrived, we had a flight and a half of stairs to lug all of our stuff up! It didn't take that long. Then, of course, Jeanne and Janet arrived a half hour later. I said they always do that so all of us can help them haul! It doesn't take long with 5 of us.

4. The place was huge--so huge that we did not have to haul any extra tables in. You could tell that it was a "hunting lodge" by all the mounted animals. It had 3 bedrooms--two with queen beds and one with 7 singles. We didn't find out until our 3rd day and 5 of us were trying to get ready in ONE bathroom, that there was another bath and shower outside on the deck! We did have a half bath upstairs with the 7 beds. At least we didn't have to go downstairs in the middle of the night.

5. Now this part is pretty yucky--so I'll be keeping the pictures small. You'll understand!
The place is on a well with iron rich water. Believe it or not, this toilet is clean! Yes, I stuck my hand in with a Kleenex and rubbed to make sure. If not, that would have been a deal breaker.
This is the inside of the dishwasher. OMGosh! But the worst part was that when you washed your hands, they smelled metallic. Kind of gross. I showered, but there was no way I was washing my hair in that water. I was afraid that my blonde hair might turn brown! He had one of those water cooler things with the giant bottles of spring water. We almost used the whole thing. I used it for brushing my teeth too. 

6. Another negative--we couldn't get the tv to work. Jeanne messed with it and then I spent at least a half hour following the instructions. There were 4 different remotes and none of them sounded like the one the instructions were referring to. Finally, we got "Joe" on the phone. I told him I had followed the instructions--and I'm fairly tech savvy. He said, "Well, we've never watched tv!" What?? Then he said that they didn't even have Direct TV anymore (that which the instructions were for)! Turns out, they have Apple TV just for streaming. That was fine. We watched Netflix all weekend. Still, it bothered us that we didn't have a clue about what was happening in the world.

7. Another negative were the lady bugs in our bathroom upstairs. We couldn't read our Kindles at night because with the light in the darkness, the ladybugs dive bombed us! That's tough on me because I always go to bed with my book. 

8. The cookware was that type that is not Silverstone our non-stick but rather that ironclad or stainless or something. I'll be brining my own pans the next time.

9. We made notes of things we need to bring--kleenex and containers for leftovers for sure.

10. The place has a huge wrap around porch. We can see ourselves having happy hours out there when the weather is nicer. 

Even with all of this, we had such a good time that we've re-booked this same place for September!! 

I broke my record for the most layouts completed. I made 20 double page spreads! I usually get anywhere from 16-18 completed. This time, not only did I do 20, 9 of them had some sort of fold-out or pocket. I'll be sharing some of them on Saturday. The key to getting so much done was the pre-planning I did while I was cleaning out my scrapbook room. That really made it easy. 

We are definitely looking forward to going again.

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  1. It's good to hear that although your first impressions weren't brilliant, you ended up having such a good time you'll be returning. And next time you'll know all the little extras you want to take with you!


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