Sunday, February 27, 2022

Something for Sunday and maybe a little name-dropping!

I'll already written this post once. Somehow, I managed to erase it. Leave it to me. 

This is the day we are leaving Colorado. As usual, I'm up early and fully dressed and ready to go--it's 4:30 a.m. I'm trying not to make any noise so the "kids" can sleep another hour and a half. 

Last Saturday, Stephanie, Mindy, and I went to Cheekwood--our botanical gardens, mansion, and art museum. They had a display of Huldah Cheek's wedding dress from 1942.
The dress was pretty plain and simple, but the lace was worn on the coronation gown of Empress Zita of Austria. I don't know who that is and have never even heard of her. She could be somehow related to Butch's mother since she was born and raised in Austria and came from royalty. Family legend has it that someone  in her line, married out of their class, so they were "expelled." I remember her showing me some jewels years ago. I don't really know the story.

It was also the last weekend for the orchid display in the loggia. The loggia is a sweeping porch all along the back of the mansion overlooking the grounds. It was meant to be open-air, but when it was built, they underestimated the heat and humidity of Nashville summers. So they enclosed it and now it's an all glass sunroom. 
All of the orchids were white except for these tiny red ones placed here and there. It was a beautiful display with all of the greenery that added additional color and texture. I am not usually an orchid lover because as stand-alone flowers, their stems aren't all that attractive. Put into an arrangement they really stand out.

After browsing around the mansion, we met Butch at the club for lunch. We had a really nice time considering it's pretty rare that it is just us. 

Now here's some fun news. As we were having lunch, in walked Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell. They were with another family. We have no idea why they were in Nashville. Mindy is our celebrity detective, but she couldn't find anything.

It's not at all unusual to see stars out and about town here. We have so many who llive here. And others like to visit here as we do not have paparazzi, nor does anyone bother them. Unless, of course, it's "fanfare!" That's what it used to be called. Now it's the CMA Fest. That's where people can come and see their favorite stars perform. They get to stand for hours in long lines for autographs. I don't know why they needed to change the name. "Fanfare," said it all!

I could make a list of all the stars I've seen, but then again that would be name dropping. Well, okay, if you insist!

Reba--at lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

Alan Jackson--I actually talked to him while on a tour at his house. We've also seen him at the club.

Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams--in their car.

Ronnie Dunn--twice at the mall

Clint Black & Lisa Hartman--at a restaurant--the Green Hills Grille

Donna Summers--at a restaurant--it's gone so I don't recall the name.

Barbara Mandrell & Meatloaf--I put them together because I saw them together at Kroger. Well, not together--she was in produce and he was in canned goods on Wednesday before Thanksgiving years ago.

William Golden (of the Oakridge Boys)--he sat at the table next to us at a restaurant. On my way out, I stopped and said, "I enjoyed your performance of the national anthem at the Titan's game!" He replied, "you were there?' I said "yes" and moved on! No need to interrupt his lunch.

Sylvia--one hit wonder country star--song: "Nobody"--she lived in our neighborhood, so I actually socialized many times with her.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and their daughters--they say two rows in front of us at the movie--I also saw Tim in a Cajun fast food line.

Luke Bryan and Kicks Brooks--playing golf together at Richland--okay, that was a Butch sighting.

Martina McGraw--twice--once at the theater and once at a book signing that Mindy took me to.

Kid Rock--that was really fun. Sandy and I went down for the grand opening of his honky tonk at 3:30 in the morning. We got to meet him in person. She loves him and I have to admit, I do too. He often gets a bad rap--he's just not politically correct. At. All. But there's no denying--his music is great!

The Statler Brothers--years ago we got to meet them.

Darrell Waltrip--met him at a friend's grandmother's birthday party. I really had no idea who he was. Butch had to tell me.

Eddie George--Titans player--he performed in a play for Tennessee Rep

Although I haven't seen them, my friend, Nancy told me that Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and daughters go to 5:30 Mass on Sunday at the Cathedral when they are in town. Cute.

That's about all I can remember at the moment. I have to admit, it is sort of exciting. But then you realize, they are just regular people doing the same sort of things we do. Just going about their business. I'm sure they want to keep it that way.

So, circling back to that Saturday with the girls. Anything they want to do, I'm going to do it! This applies to the whole family. And friends for that matter. Anytime, anywhere. I'm there! For as long as I can!

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  1. I am going to have to add Cheekwood to our list of places to visit. Have you ever spotted George Strait? He's my fave.


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