Thursday, February 10, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. My new Sunday morning view! The advantage of going to 4:30 Mass on Saturday night--glad we've finally gotten back to it! Now I can hang out in bed in front of the fire with my book or computer and a cup of tea courtesy of Butch!

2. OMGosh y'all! Run, don't walk---to see this. The choreography is ah-ma-zing!
A few years ago, Mindy asked me to take she and her sisters to Washington, D.C. for the premier. We loved it then, so I knew I'd want to see it again. It did not disappoint!

3. Decorated for Valentine's Day! 
Banner made by Mindy a few years ago!
This was a little Valentine's project that I put together for the family a few years ago. It's still cute!

4. I have never seen anything like this before. They look like some sort of fall gourds or mutant pumpkins. They don't resemble oranges much at all other than they are orange!
They do look like they'd be easy to peel. But, are they sweet? I guess I should buy just one and see for myself. I'll report back!

5. Remember the time that Mindy had Butch pick up a suitcase for her and then proceeded to show her all the pockets and zippers? 

Or this time...
...when he was demonstrating how to operate the new pool lounge chairs!

Well, it's gotten to be a joke in our family that whenever you use something of ours for the first time or you borrow something, Butch has to give you instructions on how to operate said item!
Mindy wanted to borrow our binoculars for their trip to Costa Rica. They came with a complimentary demonstration! 

Can you tell he's a good sport about the photo?? He knows where that's going to end up!! We love that guy!! He keeps us so entertained!!

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