Thursday, February 24, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. You know how I am enthralled by "book boxes" that have become all the rage? Well here's something new that I think is genius!! A "Garden Box!"
I love this idea! I can't wait to come across one in person. What a great way to share your garden excess plants. I have so many plants that I could share. But, I'll admit it right now--I'm a little too lazy to do the work!! Hmmm. Maybe I'll see if Butch wants to build me one. I think I could have fun with it. Oh wait a minute. On second thought, forget about it! That would mean daily watering until the plants were gone. And then what if people shared their plants. Oh never mind. Now it really sounds like too much work. After all, I am retired! I'll stick with lazy.

2. Did you know that you can request a dark napkin at many restaurants? 
Well, I DO know that, yet I continually forget! When we were in NYC for New Years, my pants were covered in napkin lint. I was sort of freaking out. When we got back to our hotel before going to the theater, I asked Butch if he, by chance, had a lint roller. I'm telling you---that guy! Ask and you shall receive!
It's tiny, it's cute, and it worked! OMGosh! The guy has everything! 

Don't get me started on his car! He can survive for at least a week on what he carries! Okay, you got me started. I recently asked for an emory board, check. I asked for hand lotion, check. Kleenex, check. Napkins, check. After dinner mints, check. Phone charger, check. Cooler cup, check. Snacks, check. Bottled water, check. Blanket, check. Sweatshirt, check. Extra hat, sunglasses, check check! Not to mention all the regular stuff you have for the car. If he could take his car to "Let's Make a Deal" he'd win for sure. For Sure!

3. Wow, what a great idea!!
Recently, I came across a picture of us in NYC where it looked like everyone was on their phone at a restaurant. At first I was a bit appalled. Then Mindy pointed out that we needed to access the menu on the phone. Yeah, I'm not crazy about that. But times--they are a changin'!


Yep, this is me! 

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  1. Oh the little greenhouse box is brilliant. I have a friend at church that would love to have one of those nearby - she'd love checking on it all the time.


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