Thursday, February 3, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. Oh My Gosh! I never thought about this. I've often "surprised" the person behind me by paying for their order. I think the next time, I'm going to ask how much it is and then put that money in the tip jar. It might not mean much when it's divided by 10 people working, but if everyone did it, then it would really add up!!
On second thought, it would probably make the most impact to continue surprising the person behind me. It would surely brighten their day. And you just never know what people are going through!

2. Some pretty interesting observations during this time of Covid!

3. A bison in Yellowstone National Park at below zero temperatures.
I didn't know it got that cold there. Maybe it's the wind chill. The coldest it's ever gotten is -66 on Feb. 9, 1933. Yikes! That's cold!


5. Don't know where this is, but a husband and wife had different faiths. They chose to be buried side-by-side, each in their own faith's cemeteries. Kind of clever!

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  1. Chuckling at your Covid observations :). I've read that in the US, those working in the café and restaurant trade really need the tips as part of their income because they're so poorly paid. Sounds like there should be a campaign to do something about that ... Paying for someone else is a nice idea, though. We have a local café where you can put the price of a coffee into a special container, and those who are unemployed can be given a free coffee from it.


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