Saturday, February 26, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

Before I show a few more layouts, I wanted to take a minute to talk about putting these layouts in albums. I hate it. I procrastinate. Then suddenly, I have a pile of layouts 12" tall! 

I start with sorting them in to piles for each album I make. I have many albums going at the same time: travel, family, individual albums for each of the grands, Butch, Barb, home and garden, friends and a few others. I spent about 12 hours over 4 days putting the pages in albums. It takes a long time to cut the page protectors for pockets and pull outs. I also make an index inside the front cover of each album so I can find a particular layout if I need to. It took two tape runners to get the job done. Even though I recently ordered about 10 new albums, I ended up being one short! 
I always label the spine so I know which album is which. These albums are still in process--meaning that they each can hold a few more layouts. I completed a few others that will reside in the library.
I had these pages left that still need to go in albums. There are only a couple layouts for each. I usually wait until I have about 5 or 6 before I start the album. 

Since I got my room cleaned out, I was anxious to get this job done. I'm happy to be on top of it--for the moment! Now it's on to a few more organizational tasks. 

Now for the layouts:
Our topic this year for AYM (A Year of Memories) is: "The Songs of Our Lives." Each month one of us picks a song. Karolyn picked this one by Creedence Clearwater Revival and put together this kit for us. I decided that I'm going to use the song as a metaphor rather than taking it literally.
Morgan's first ski trip. I printed the title on vellum and mounted it over Morgan's name. As a matter of fact, when you are seeing this, we will still be skiing in Colorado. Well, not me, but Butch and the "kids"!
The girls surprised us with an all expense paid trip to Helen, GA for our 50th anniversary over Labor Day weekend. The flowers were part of the decor they had.
I used one of the "Not so Newlywed Game" cards to make a pocket to hold the itinerary and job assignments that the girls had organized. It's hidden under the flap that contains the journaling on top. Another example of a page with a fold out to make more room for photos.
Disney layout.
Another Disney layout. I made a pocket on this one to hold our itinerary with the journaling on top.

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