Monday, February 7, 2022

Me on Monday

Remember last week when I showed you the flower arrangement I got for my birthday? And how two weeks later it still was looking pretty decent--just with removing a few dead flowers? Well, I bought a $4.00 bouquet of alstroemeria and it looks like a brand new arrangement--it's already a week old and going strong. I so love fresh flowers. 
I just got an email from White Flower Farm. They do fresh flower deliveries once a week. They will soon be starting up again with some winter flowers. I can't wait. But, speaking of my "old" birthday arrangement still going strong... is the poinsettia that Nicky bought be around the first of December. He surprises me with one every year. This one is still so beautiful. It gives me so much joy every time I walk by it! Thanks Nicky!!

One other thing this week--and it's definitely a "me on Monday" picture:
I'm enjoying my Princess Diana scarf that Sandy gave me for Christmas with my pink coat. And, if you blow up the picture, you can see the Betsy Johnson earrings that Stephanie gave me. One is a mitten and the other is a snow hat. My girls know what I like!!


  1. That outfit is so pretty, the lovely scarf is perfect with your coat. I often buy alstroemerias as they are so delicate yet they always seem to last a long time. There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up your home is there?

  2. That's a lovely photo of you - such soft and delicate colours. Your bouquet is a ray of sunshine ...


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