Saturday, February 12, 2022

Something for Saturday

Well, it looks like I'm not the only one who has caught the "cleaning out" bug! Sandy sent me these pictures noting how I love a good clean-out!

It started with her modeling the purses she was getting rid of. We do that in our family---that way someone else can have a new purse. A few have been circulating for awhile now.
I'm taking this one. It looks like it will be the perfect summer bag for me. I only use crossbody purses these days. I like to say that I need to have both hands free to be able to catch myself when I fall!!

She got a few takers, so it's always nice when someone else can use something you want to get rid of. That makes you feel less guilty about getting rid of something that is perfectly good!

Anyway, after a couple days of hard work, here are the results. But first, the BEFORE:
I have to say, I think Sandy was pretty brave to sent me these pictures! But---no judgement here!!
Okay, there's no where to go but up!

And now for the AFTER:
Wow! What an amazing difference!! Plus, do you notice all of the matching hangers?? That looks so nice and uniform!
All of her purses are now neatly in the flannel bags that came with the bags. They are kind of high up to reach easily.
Sandy is as short as I am. I don't see a step stool here, but I'm sure she has some way to reach the top. Everything looks so nice. I'm sure she feels good about the amount of time and energy she put in to it!! It sure looks great!! Way to go Sandy! And, I can't wait to get my new purse!!
Love you!!

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