Saturday, January 2, 2021

What's the Matter with ME!!

I am not a rule breaker. I am a rule follower! 

Well I broke every needlepoint rule I had for myself! I went to Nashville Needleworks to pick up the last store for It Takes a Village that I’m doing for Jordan. I didn’t know they had their sale going on (or maybe I did since it’s this time every year--okay, yes, I knew it was the sale). I was not going to buy anything. I wasn't even going to look around. Then, because I was waiting, I started browsing. I knew that was a bad idea. I knew it. I should have stopped myself. I was in trouble for sure.

Rules for Needlepoint:
1. Do not purchase a canvas until you are finished with the one you are working on.
2. Do not purchase a canvas unless it comes with a stitch guide.
3. And DEFINITELY do not purchase more than one at a time!

OMGosh y'all! I broke every rule. Yes I did. Every single one! I ended up coming home with 4 more canvases!!  What? No I didn't. Yes I did! And to think, I've been so good for several years now about following the rules I set for myself. I really can be so self-disciplined! All I can say is, it was the conflict between the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. "Don't do it Barb!" "Go ahead, you can afford it!" "Stop, you'll regret it!" "Oooohhh, but they are so awesome!" "Resist, you can do it!" "You better buy them now. You know they won't be here when you want them!" Back and forth until this tipped me over the edge, "And they are on sale right now!" I ended up making the purchase. I didn't come out of my trance until I reached the car. What did I just do??

I better get stitchin’! But before I can start anything new, I still have to finish:
1. The village for Jordan.
2. Christmas pillow for Mindy.
3. Gingerbread project with the girls.

Lest you think that looks like I already broke the rules, 2 of those projects are dependent on other people and the pace they go. #2 is my in-between project. 

Still, 4 NEW canvases. OMGosh! What have I done?

Here's why I couldn't resist:
I'm really in to Halloween and Christmas. Those pumpkins will be 3D and stand up like real pumpkins with a ceramic stem on top. "Sir Raven" is just too darn cute. I think he'll make a fun pillow. And the witch's shoes---well, I just couldn't resist those. It's kind of big and might be too big for a pillow. If so, I'll have it framed. Of course, everything will be gifts. At least the pumpkins have stitch guides. I'll have to "wing" it for the others. Oh well.

Now, for 2021, I need to reinstate my rules AND stick to them!!! Maybe that will be my only New Year's resolution this year.


  1. I can see why the devil on your shoulder won the argument! Looks like you and your canvases are going to have a busy new year!

  2. I can relate to breaking all those same rules about scrapbooking supplies. But look at how productive you have ensured your 2021 will be. I can't wait to see that shoes one completed. Get to work! 😉 Enjoy!


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