Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday Mystery

This is more of a question than a mystery. But on the other hand, I guess every mystery is actually a question. 

For about 17 years, Margarita has cleaned for us once a week. We love her. She's willing to do anything--and does. Most things we don't ask her to do---she just does it---like, blowing the leaves off the patio and porch or shoveling out the ashes in the fireplace, or occasionally wiping out the refrigerator. She'll even do laundry. But, we learned very early on that we don't want her to do the laundry. She's just not good at it. She mixes up everything, no sorting involved. I definitely don't want cleaning cloths washed with my sheets! So, we do our own laundry. We do it on Sunday. Since there's just the two of us, it's only a load of dark and a load of whites. 

So, on Monday, when Margarita gets here, there might be a couple towels from that morning's showers. Right away, I noticed this. Now I understand that everyone folds towels differently, But don't most people have a preference and then fold them all the same way? Not Margarita. She just folds them any which way. 
Here's how she did these two towels this week. Exact same towels, just folded completely different. Of course, I had to re-fold them. I'm particular like that. I fold towels exactly like my mother did.
1. Fold in half.
2. Fold in half again.
3. Fold one side to the middle. Then fold the other side to the middle.
4. Presto! A beautifully folded towel. I've seen them done all different ways, but I think the way my mom did them look the best---especially when stacked up in the linen closet. 

What about you? How do you fold your towels?


  1. I've tried several ways of folding them, I even had a phase of rolling them up at one point but they didn't stack well in my airing cupboard so that didn't last long! I fold them like you do.

  2. I understand about laundry - I like it done just so, as well. Even hubby is still in training after being retired for 4+ years. I folded towels like my mother did for years too, and her way was, of course, based on the size of shelf on which she stored them. When we moved into our current house, I started folding them into larger squares rather than the smaller rectangles because my shelves were deeper but not as tall. Hubby still has not caught onto the change - but at least he does everything uniformly!


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