Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What I Buy Wednesday

Lately I've bought a few pieces of furniture that have to be assembled. 

This one is a little side table that has charging capabilities. I thought it would be a nice addition for the beach condo.
It amazes me as to how many parts there are. He put it together while we were waiting for the refrigerator delivery.
It took him about an hour. The top opens to reveal the charging outlets. I think that's going to be handy for everyone with all the different devices people have these days.

Then, this past week, I bought a dresser for the Nashville condo. There was a $100 fee to put it together. Since the dresser wasn't that expensive, that seemed like a lot. I thought, "What the heck! Butch and put it together!"

It was delivered to the front porch. There was no budging that huge box. He unpacked it on the porch and I helped him haul the parts inside. I moved the furniture in the family room so we could lay out all of the 5,000 parts.

The instruction booklet was 26 pages long!!

He worked up a sweat so had to take his shirt off!

When it was all done, it had taken him FIVE HOURS!!! That's no exaggeration! Five Hours!! 
I asked him if he enjoyed doing it. He said, "Not particularly!" Uh oh, I didn't think that was the time to tell him that he has 4 more pieces to put together at the beach!

Oh well, that will keep him busy! 

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