Thursday, January 14, 2021

Five Things Thursday

Before I get in to my five things for this week, I want to take a minute to wish my twin sisters a happy birthday.

They are two years behind me. Of the 7 of us, the first 4 of us were January birthdays, 2 in February and 1 in October. The first 4 of us were stair steps---when I was two, my brother was one and the twins were born. I always said that whenever I felt sorry for myself because I was home with babies while Butch traveled, I thought of my mom. 4 babies under 2! That's why, as we were growing up, her favorite phrase was, "You kids are driving me to the nut house!" She never went, so apparently, we didn't! Oh, the things you remember!

Happy birthday Janice and Jennifer! Can't wait to be able to visit again. Probably March since I should have my vaccine by then.

Now on to Five Things Thursday:
What a great use of a bunch of odd tables. Paint them all the same color and make a wall shelf out of them. I do really love this. I'll keep it in mind the next time I'm called on to decorate a house! So unusual and a great way to use random tables. I'm sure you could pick these up dirt cheap at garage sales. Is that even a "thing" anymore? I can't remember the last time I've seen a sign for a garage sale.

2. This is pretty unusual.
It is sort of a cool entry to a house. But I'm not sure if it's real. It looks like it, but I've never seen a tree grow like this.

3. So true.
I'm here to say it cannot be done! You have to have at least one hand out to hold the Kindle which makes the blanket fall off your shoulder. I know. It happens every single day during my nap time! 

4. I'm using this color quite a lot at the beach. It just gives off a beachy vibe to me. Especiallyat Santa Rosa Beach with it's beautiful turquoise water.
But, I'm not sure I'm diggin' the back splash tile. It might be a little too busy for my taste. I'm not real crazy about that color wood floor either. But I love, love, love the turquoise with the white. I couldn't see the counters close up, but they look very similar to what I picked. 

5. In light of recent events, I wanted to post this on a little more serious note.
I just hope the insanity stops with our new president. I believe he'll work hard to unite the country again. Let's just pray that people will be receptive to that!

That's it for this week!

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  1. This is an interesting collection! My favourite, apart from your heart-shared sentiment in no 5, is the collection of tables at the top. How very original and useful. Yes, there's something odd about that tree, I agree.


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