Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tuesday Thoughts about...

...changing sheets on the bed. 

For us, it's once a week. But, the other day, while on the treadmill, I was reading an article titled: 12 things you should do every month. One of the "things" was "change your sheets." What? Change your sheets once a month? Are you kidding me? That just seems gross to go for a month without changing your sheets! Are you with me?

So, I decided to find out how often you should change your sheets. I turned to the internet because, as we all know, that's where to go for TRUTH! According to the Good Housekeeping Institute--who I respect as the authority on all things housekeeping--you should change your sheets every two weeks. 

Well, I wish I'd known that when I was little. Our mom made us change our sheets every week on Saturday when we also had to clean our rooms. We weren't allowed to go out until our room was clean. In all honesty, sometimes, instead of changing the bed, I crumpled up the clean sheets and threw them in the dirty clothes because I was too lazy to do the work. Now there's a confession! Admittedly, my room was a mess. A big mess. Really big. Actually, I was baffled that it could get like that in just a week. My cousin, Chrissy stayed with me most weekends. She can attest to the mess as she cleaned it up for me every time she was there. Now, lest you think that's the only reason I had her over, we were/are "besties!" We were together every weekend either her house or mine. Her mad cleaning skills were just a bonus!

I still don't really like changing the bed. I guess I'm still lazy like that. But all that around to this side, then around to that side and back again over and over---makes me dizzy! Luckily, I have Margarita to handle that for me. But, even when I didn't--and during the lockdown, I changed our sheets every week because that's what I thought you were supposed to do--for good hygiene and all that. During the lockdown, Butch did it with me--every Monday without fail. That made it quick and easy--not really a chore at all because there's no around and around. He has his side, I have mine. Works great. 

Just like unloading the dishwasher. We do that together too. He has his side. I have my side. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, we have our own sides for just about everything--bed, chairs, church pew, car, porch sitting, etc. Wow, what creatures of habit we are!

Anyway, because of my mom, I have become pretty fanatical about cleaning things too. Really, I'm thankful for that. It's way more comfortable to live in a clean and organized home. 

As a matter of fact, my first major chore of 2021 has been cleaning out the attic. It helped that we were getting things out for the condo. I probably haven't vacuumed the attic in at least 10 years. Maybe more. Glad it's done.
We have a pretty big attic. 
There's quite a lot of old garland that needs to go. And it would be great if we could get the "kids" to take their boxes. It's okay really, there aren't that many left. 

Now Mindy's closet--or I should say storage closet is another matter. I can't even think about that without having heart palpitations. Whenever I tell her that I want to get in there and clean it out, she says, "Moommm, you are stressing me out!" One of these days I'm going to just do it without her. She probably has not idea what's in there. I know for sure she doesn't because she bought herself a trifle bowl only to discover that she had one as a wedding gift---in her closet! I've threatened to give her the stuff from her closet for Christmas! I know, I get it. She and Justin have a small condo. There's not room for a lot of stuff. It's okay really. I just go on a rant now and then.
I was really more concerned about getting the attic vacuumed. The garland and wreaths here are the new ones we just bought. So happy to have this chore done.

Now if we can only get back to that garage!

See how my mind works? Start with sheets, wind up in the attic, then Mindy's closet and end up in the garage. Think I have a little ADD???

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  1. Stuff just accumulates, doesn't it? Especially our adult children's stuff! My DD's excuse was she lived in a small flat and had no room for all her boxes, and now that she's in a house the cellar and attic are apparently full. Hmmm. You're on a roll for clutter-clearing ... and as for beds, once a week sounds about right. My Mum, in the days before automatic washing machines, used to replace the bottom sheet (which got washed) with the top one, and just change the top sheet and the pillowcases.


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