Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What I Buy Wednesdays

It wasn't me this week. Butch made the purchase. He's been talking about this since before Christmas. When he decided to buy it then, it was sold out.
After Christmas, he found it in stock AND on sale! He was very excited (well, as excited as he gets) to get it. I guess everyone is cleaning out in January, so all cleaning and organizing products are on sale. 

That reminds me, I did buy some things this week. I got all kinds of organizers on sale through Lakeside. This link will take you to the exact page and many of the things I purchased. I got the spice holders, under sink organizer, lid holders, water bottle holder and a few other bins. All for the beach. That place is going to be spotlessly clean and perfectly organized! Can't wait!

Well, as I think about it, I did purchase something else! I got some Grove cleaning supplies. They sell sustainable and environment friendly things. When you order, you get 5 free gifts--they want you to try some of their products like the toilet paper and kleenex. There's no amount you have to spend and you can quit any time. You don't even have to remember to cancel. They email you to see if you want to place an order. I've tried a few products based on some blogs I follow. If I like them, I'm happy to keep buying them. They even plant trees! It's a little thing and maybe won't make much of a difference with just us at our age. But if everyone could make just one little change, it could make a big impact

I'll let you know how the toilet paper made out of bamboo feels!! I just think of bamboo as that invasive plant that is nearly impossible to get rid of. At least it's good to know that so many things can be made out of it.

What did you buy this week?

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  1. That's a very home-oriented selection of purchases this week with a real spring-cleaning flavour. And caring for the environment even in a small way can only be good. I use an environmentally-friendly product called Koh for everything: I like simple! Apart from food, we haven't bought anything since before Christmas, but I am being tempted by the seed catalogues.


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