Wednesday, January 6, 2021

What I Buy Wednesday and....'s been a lot!! I've been doing the best kind of buying---on someone else's dime! Yeah, I've been on a spending spree. I love it when someone gives me carte blanc to do whatever I think is necessary. Let me explain. 

Because someone near and dear to me thought I needed a pandemic project AND knew my passion for decorating, Butch and I were commissioned to "fix up" a  small, 715 sq. ft.  condo. It dates back to 1971 and has NOT been updated--AT--ALL. Okay, I guess one thing--laminate flooring has been installed. It has a certain charm, but I was also asked to keep everything very low budget conscious and within reason. I agreed to do it on a shoestring. I'm very good at that. Well, it also helped that two of our friends were redecorating and had plenty of stuff to get rid of (thanks Connie and Amanda)!

We've hired painters---painting everything including that popcorn ceiling. 

We've hired an electrician to replace light fixtures, install two GFI's and replace all/most of the electrical outlets from builder's beige to white. I'm finicky like that. It's a cheap fix to make things look nice and fresh. Well, okay, maybe not the electrician part, but still worth it in my book.  Just doing that little thing gives you a lot of bang for the buck. 

We've hired a plumber to replace the toilet, bathroom faucet and possibly the tub fixtures. Here are some "before" pictures:
We're having the toilet paper holder and towel rack removed. You know how I hate towel racks--definitely don't want them over a toilet.  
The kitchen is tiny. Only one person can fit in there at at time. Still, it's sort of charming and PINK! I'm working with it--even the pink floor. I actually love those old cabinets.  They are just cute and have  a ton of character. 
There's just the one bathroom, but it's a good size. The mirrors are coming down. We're replacing the light fixture and the faucet. Butch will attach a new toilet paper holder to the side of the vanity. That way you won't have to contort your body to reach behind you to the wall.
This is the dining area. I have an 8ft. rug from our attic that I planned to put here but I'm pretty sure it won't fit. I'll measure to make sure before we haul it over.
The living room is a nice size. 

Our plan is to start moving "stuff" in on Thursday and Friday. We plan to do as much as we possibly can--installing toilet paper holder, towel rack, drapery rods and drapes, shower curtain, unboxing all the new stuff (toaster, microwave, lamp, mirrors, etc.) 

We already cleaned out our attic and are supplying a dining set, rugs, accent table and at least a dozen pictures. I had a closet full of knick knacks, kitsch and bric a brac that I was saving for whenever I needed to help decorate an apartment or something. You know, the stuff that adds warmth: baskets, books, candles, books, dishes, books, etc. And did I mention books? I have a library full--won't even miss them.

On Saturday, Butch and Nicky will get the big furniture moved. The only furniture that we've had to purchase was a couch and a chest of drawers . We found a headboard -- used from Facebook Marketplace--only used once to stage a house--so actually new.

I'm really excited to put it all together. I've been decorating it in my mind all week! It's been nice to have this distraction since our beach trip to put our condo back together didn't quite work out. 

Our "people" told us that it was all completed except for changing out the plugs (yes, I'm doing it down there too) and the tile in the master bath (we came up short and had to order more). We were okay with that and prepared to do every thing else. 

Well, when we got there, it was no where near done!! I'm not sure why they told us otherwise. We would have preferred that they say they needed another week. I would say it was a wasted trip, but as it turns out, it was nice to be able to go over everything. We've made some changes and had to have the dining light moved because where we told him to put it, we didn't like. Oh well. It looks amazing! I can't wait to get it all together later this month.

As for the condo, I'll share the "after" pictures on Sunday! It's going to be awwwwssssooommmeee! (Picture me singing that).


  1. Can't wait to see the after photos! How lovely to be trusted with such a project.

  2. That's an amazing 'do-over' to be tackling - you sound so energised!


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