Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

Butch and I have been using Mondays as our errand days. It's a good day to get out of the house since Margarita is there cleaning. 

Our first stop was to drop my floor lamp off. The lamp is less than a year old. 
The thing I love about it is that it has a reading light also. Actually, it's perfect for my stitching. All of a sudden, the top part quit working. I thought the bulb had just burned out. I changed it and it still wouldn't work. The reading light still works. I'm pretty sure I know what's happened. The top part was only supposed to have a 60 watt bulb. That is just way too dim, so I put a 75 watt bulb in the socket. I did it when I got the lamp and it has worked all this time.

We dropped it off at ACE Hardware for repair. I was told that if you use led bulbs, you can put any size in. I don't really like those kind of bulbs because the lighting is weird. I'm concerned because the guy that took the lamp acted like he wasn't sure they could repair it. I'm waiting to hear. 

I love this lamp. It is not anywhere to be found---nor any others like it. I'm hoping that even if they can't repair it, they can just completely rewire it. They can turn anything in to a lamp can't they? Then they ought to be able to turn an actual lamp in to a lamp---don't ya' think?

After dropping the lamp off, we stopped by Walmart. Butch needed a few things. I waited in the car. Next stop was Bath and Bodyworks. I needed some new candles. As it turned out, we lucked upon their semi-annual sale! Gotta' love that!

Butch waited in the car while I waited in line.
I was 5th in line waiting to get in the store---six feet apart. It was hot standing in the sun--with my mask on!
You have to pick up your own bag as you enter the store. I purposely picked up the medium bag. The small one was too small and the large one was too big. I was afraid if I took that, I would be out-of-control and buy too many candles. Heck, they were half price!! That's hard to pass up.
I didn't buy any of the body care products. Other than the shower gels, I'm bad about using lotion. You can tell by the bottom of the sign why I was waiting outside. They were only letting 16 people in the store at a time. I'm glad we got there right when they opened because by the time I left, the line was down the sidewalk.
Inside, they are crazy busy with the cleaning. After EACH person checks out, they disinfect everything. They had spray disinfectant they used all over the counter. Then, they had some special wipes for the credit card machine---no cash allowed. 
I came home with four candles. I have to say, it was sort of hard to smell the candles through the mask! I figured if I could smell it through the mask, it was a good one! Bath and Bodyworks are using colored jars now. So, goodbye snow globes!
Remember these? These were our family Christmas craft project last Thanksgiving. They are so cute.
And then this one that I turned in to a Q-tip holder on my make-up table. Now, when I finish the blue candle (Sun-Drenched Linen), I'm going to use that for my Q-tips. I'm sure I can find lots of uses for the colored jars--candy, buttons, pins, etc..
Besides the candles, I picked up 5 hand sanitizers. They were 5 for $8.00. If you like Bath and Bodyworks, this week is the time to shop!

That's about it for purchases this week. I did do a little internet shopping, but I'll share those purchases when they come in.

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  1. I didn't realise that using the wrong bulb could cause so much damage, surely it would have burnt out straight away if that were the case? Who knows, but I hope it is fixable!
    It must be a nightmare for shops to be constantly cleaning and trying to ensure people keep their distance. I can't imagine going in a shop and not being able to pick anything up unless you are going to buy it - I'm a great 'browser'! In clothes shops especially I like to feel fabrics etc, I'm going to struggle to keep my hands to myself when shops reopen!


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