Thursday, June 25, 2020

Santa Rosa Beach

We just got back last night. It was a busy, work-filled couple of days, but we got EVERYTHING done that needed doing!

I love Santa Rosa---our favorite place---but not necessarily in the summer. It was HOT!! Very humid and hot! May and September are my favorite months. Plus, kids are back in school--for the most part. It's quiet. Definitely NOT a party place. We like that just fine.

And, I love this condo. Everything about it is just about perfect (or will be when I get finished with it--I have plans). It's close to everything. The pool is steps away along with the beach access. The grills are right near our patio. There are several restaurants within walking distance. There's a Publix and Walmart nearby. You do not have to get in to the crazy, trafficky, Destin or Panama City if you don't want to. That's a definite plus! Another plus, 40 minutes from the airport. I don't like the long drive but if we're hauling stuff, that's the only way to go.

I'll get in to the details of all we accomplished later. But for now, a few pictures:
A year ago, we replaced all of the bedding. This was my first time actually seeing it on the beds. I'm very happy with what I picked out.  I love quality linens and wanted nothing less for here. The sheets are so soft!! I'm pretty particular about sheets. That picture is a little small, but I have something else in mind to go with it. We purchased a new fan which has a beachy feel. I love decorating and have so many ideas!
Both bedrooms have king beds. The furniture is nice, but I'm definitely ready to update the decor. We bought the place fully furnished. Since it's been on the rental market, we just left most of it---not particularly my taste, but it's okay.
There are bunkbeds in the hallway. .

 The living room.
 Broader view. That chair will be going soon.
This wall is a full mirror--which makes it look bigger. I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen, so you can barely see it in the mirror. 

It's a great place to get-away--even if you don't love the beach!! I only went down to the beach once---just to walk. Even at that, I didn't get too far. It's too hot for me. I only go down to sit with family and friends to be sociable---for two hours only. That's my limit. Then you'll find me at the pool. That sand! I only spent time at the pool once this trip because no one was following the "rules" of only 10 people at the pool. 

Still, we had a fun time, some good seafood and accomplished a lot---which was our main objective. Butch says that's about all he does when he goes---work. It was too hot for golf or bike riding anyway! Plus, he can't sit still. He's never been a "sit around" kind of guy. The beach is no different!

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