Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Sad State of Affairs

The United States has gone crazy!! All the monument tearing down---movie banning---name changing---it's too much!! Just yesterday, the news reported that realtors here are going to change the wording on house listings from "master" bedroom to "primary" bedroom. Apparently, regular words are "out"! No more dixie or antebellum--just southern words---where it's no longer cool to be southern. Next the word south or southern will be on the chopping block! Where is it going to end?

Come on!! This is getting ridiculous!! Our lives are already changing so much with the pandemic--mask wearing, social distancing, no buffets--it's all too much!! I do love a good buffet!

I thought these were particularly relevant right about now!!!
I tried to verify whether it was Denzel who actually said this, but couldn't. Still, it's true in any case. If we could all just work on it---problem solved!

And then I saw this on Facebook (or, as I like to refer to it---Fakebook).

Not once did I ever think Aunt Jemima was a symbol of 
slavery. I just thought she was a really good cook!

My sentiments exactly! Same for the Uncle Ben and Cream of Wheat guys!!

That brings me to this:
I bought this cookie jar years ago at an antique shop. Butch didn't like it from the beginning. As I said  before, I am not a deep thinker. This is probably what I was thinking: "It's cool, it's an antique and it's BLUE! Perfect for my kitchen." I didn't try to think deeply about what it "means". When Butch objected (by putting it IN the pantry), I said that I was not making any kind of political statement. To me, it's just a piece of Americana. He says it's politically incorrect. God forbid!!! So, I did what I thought would make him happy---I moved it up to my office. Apparently it still bothers him as he's brought it up now during all of this systemic racism. I don't consider myself a racist At. All! By having this old-timey cookie jar, does that make me racist? I guess I'm thoroughly confused by all of this. Actually, maybe I am racist because I am sick of all this. I do not believe in tearing down all the monuments or re-naming everything. It's all so confusing for my little brain!

Probably what I ought to do is have a bunch of people over and while self-distancing, take a hammer to the cookie jar (good bye $165.00) and video it, then post it on Facebook and Instagram. Or TikTok.  No wait, wouldn't I have to dance while doing it? Okay, no, not that. Just Facebook.

Now here's one thing I have no questions about. Seems pretty clear and simple to me:

A little humor is always good!

We wore our masks while in Florida, but most didn't. Now that we're home, we're self quarantining for two weeks! We don't want to be the problem!!

This is how I'm feeling about now. Weeks of protesting, getting rid of the police---it's just all too much!
Where is it going to end. Or maybe that's just it--the end.

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  1. Do you know, I had never stopped to think why we referred to the largest bedroom as the 'master' bedroom! It's hard because we can't re-write history, and we have to hope that future generations will learn from the mistakes of the past.


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