Monday, June 29, 2020

Monday Mystery

Well, this mystery is solved.
Notice the floor lamp next to my chair? That's the one I took in for repair. They called me to say that it could not be repaired. I said, "Okay, just rewire it." The "guy" said he couldn't do it. I said, "So, you're saying you cannot make a lamp, into a lamp?" He hesitated for a minute and then said, "yes." He said he was afraid he might break it. What??? It's already "broken!"

Anyway, Butch is going to try his hand at repairing it. We don't have anything to lose. 

Oh, and by the way---when I was told the lamp could not be repaired, I did another internet search for it. Wouldn't you know, it popped up that I could get it from Wayfair. Shock. When I went to the website a couple weeks ago--where I had originally bought it, they no longer had it. I'm just glad I could get it again. It came in 3 days! I'm back in business. If Butch is able to repair the broken one, then we'll take it to the beach! Win/win!

So, the mystery of whether you can turn a lamp into a lamp is solved. You can make a lamp  out of wine bottle, but you cannot make a lamp out of a lamp. Ridiculous!

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  1. That is so funny. Fancy not being able to turn a lamp into a lamp - my money is on Butch succeeding where the repair shop can't!


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