Sunday, June 21, 2020

Camp Aunt Barb

CAB 2020 is in the books! 

We altered our usual itinerary due to Covid. The only thing we did     outside the house was the Pfunky Griddle on Friday morning. I was sure we'd have to wait because you always have to. Also, since restaurants are only open at 50% capacity, I was certain we would have to wait. But, at 9 a.m. we walked right in!
My niece, Jackie designed a logo for CAB and made the shirts. For us adults, she added "staff" to the back. With the help of Josie (little red-head on the left) we were able to keep it a surprise! Jackie had put the bag with those shirts in her bag and told her to give them to me. She was barely through the door upon arrival when she did. Still, she did it with stealth! None of the other kids or adults saw her. I was impressed that she did not peek!
 I had Butch on the itinerary every night---twice for poker. One night is bingo---he's the caller. 

 From left: Nathan, Travis, Butch, Josie and Evie. 

We played all kinds of games, had a scavenger hunt, watched movies, had a treasure hunt, played "rob your neighbor," had happy hour, stayed up late and ate waaayyyy too much candy!!!
We mostly spent hours and hours in the pool. On the last night, we always have a night swim in the dark with the pool lights on. The kids love that. This year, Janet brought light up balloons. They were really pretty floating in the pool. Plus, we hit another milestone this year. Nathan and Josie can "stand up" in the shallow end! The practiced their swimming skills and took the Aunt Barb swimming test. They can make it across the pool, but I told them it will be next year before they'll be ready for the deep end. We feel much better with them in their "floaties" for jumping off the diving board. 

CAB 2021 will be here before you know it!

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  1. How lovely that you were still able to have your annual Camp Barb! I bet the kids loved it.


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