Thursday, June 4, 2020

Accomplishments During 10 Weeks of Quarantine

I started off making new recipes. I made my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookies and sent them to the hospital with Morgan for all of her nurse friends. By the third week, Butch said I was cooking too much! I swear, he’s the only man I know who would say that!

Butch and I started walking together every day. We went to the trails at several parks, Radnor Lake and the Deerwood Arboretum. The trails are beautiful. I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts, Ted Talks and music. I’ve also talked to family and friends on the phone. I’m not normally a phone person, but in this instance it was fun. 

I’ve spent countless hours on my computer: 
  1. Cleaned out and reorganized my photos--deleted 3000+.
  2. Downloaded about 100 new fonts and organized 300+ of them in to folders for easy access.
  3. Spent hours watching videos to learn more about Pages, my computer and all it can do—via my laptop to Apple TV.
  4. I’ve blogged every. single. day.
  5. Cleaned out scores of computer files and reorganized my desktop.
  6. Caught up on my reading list—oodles of blog posts and online articles.
  7. Watched umpteen videos from Facebook.
  8. Checked social media daily (Facebook and Instagram).
  9. Played a bajillion computer games while watching tv.
  10. Looked up a slew of things on the internet just because I want to know everything!
And then there’s the work! We did quite a bit! Our first big project was cleaning the front porch. It’s not fun—all dirty with pollen and spiderwebs. Even the columns have to be washed! We power washed the porch and washed the windows. It took us several hours, but once it’s done—it’s beautiful!

We cleaned out half of the garage. We broke it up in to sections. I’m not sure we’ll get to the rest as now it’s too hot. What an awful job! 

We cleaned up all the furniture and cushions on the patio and pool area. We planted all the flowers. It’s all looking good!

Personally, I cleaned out the pantry, purses, makeup, hair appliances and recipes. I reduced my recipes from two file drawers to a half of just one!

We binged watched movies, documentaries and series on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and PBS. 

I just about completed 3 stitching projects.  Stitching is how I justify watching tv!

I read 12 books. The best of the bunch were We Believed in Mermaids, The Institute, The Girls With No Names and Before I Let You Go.

We are currently on our 11th puzzle. We have a standing date at 4 p.m. with cocktails  in hand to work on them. We hadn’t done puzzles since the girls were little. It was fun to do that again. We plan to keep it up.

We continued with our Friday family happy hours via “Zoom.” It was fun to be able to include our out-of-town family from Atlanta and Los Angeles.

What I did the least was scrapbooking. Other than planning a “Zoom” end with my AYM group, I only did my AYM pages and round robin. I have not regained my zest for scrapbooking since my brother passed away two years ago. 

So there you have it. Besides staying safe, I'm pretty happy with all we've accomplished. I'm kinda thinking that I might just use the month of January as a self-quaratine month from now on. It can't hurt! 

What about you? What do you have to show for your 10 weeks at home?


  1. You have definitely been busy! And ticked a lot of jobs of your 'to do' lists that you may have been putting off. I like the thought of cocktails and puzzles at 4 pm, that's definitely a habit to keep!

  2. That's quite a list of accomplishments!

    I've done a lot of scrapbooking & crafting, 20 project completions so far! I've read 50 books this year. We've only done 1 puzzle because we've been working on other projects on the big table. I pressure washed the back patio & stained/sealed the wooden rockers & table and we cleaned/reorganized the garage. We've taken turns cooking and baking, including some new recipes ... haven't been out to eat or picked up anything since March 15. We've walked some & I'm riding the stationary bike here at home. We've watched quite a few movies.

    Robbie's been working from home and maintaining a full-time plus schedule. It's after 10pm here & he's on a business call right now, so we've definitely kept busy and productive.

  3. I had told Melissa that she was making some of look bad with all her accomplishments, and I put you in that former category, clearly not in the latter. Well done you, on such a variety of fronts. I have purged quite a bit in my studio, and then moved some of those empty storage containers to other parts of the house. So even though I had already cleaned most the closets out, I am doing some tweaking there. Thanks to hubby our landscaping around the house hasn't looked so good in years, and he even tackled the poison ivy. Reading and embroidery have eluded me. Although I have been reading blogs in longer and longer spurts, so I may be able to concentrate on books if I tried. Scrapbooking is clearly what I have done the most.


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