Wednesday, June 3, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

I was about ready to report that I didn't buy anything this week. Then I remembered our mad dash for these:

These are our favorite pool floats. They are sturdy and last for two years with constant use during the summer. Sometimes we can eek a third year out of them but they are getting pretty ratty by then. Every year we buy two new ones to rotate in. But, you have to buy them early because they sell out fast. 

Last week, it dawned on me that we hadn't yet bought our replacement floats. I decided to just go online and order them. I went to Walgreen's first. They didn't have them on the website at all. Next I went to the Walmart website. I was shocked to find that the floats have jumped in price from $29.99 to $65.00!!!! That's one huge increase in a single year! 

Now, don't get me wrong. These floats are simply the BEST on the market. Believe me, as pool owners, we've tried them all! 

Anyway, back to the story. When I saw the $64.99, I thought, "that's crazy." I then went to the Target website. They were $64.99 there too! They even had one with a button on sun canopy that was $74.99! Holy smokes!!!

After both of those shocks, I just did an internet search for "spring floats." I was so happy to find that Academy Sports had them for $29.99. When Butch got home from golf, I explained the float situation. We jumped in the car and drove down to Academy Sports. We were able to get the very last TWO!!! I guess we were meant to have them.

Just for the heck of it, we went down the street to Walmart to see them at $64.99. They were already sold out! I really couldn't believe it.

Today, I went back online to get the picture of the floats for this post and noticed that Academy Sports now has them listed for $44.99!!! Are you kidding me? In just a few days time they've gone up from $29.99---assuming they have more now.

I guess it's a case of supply and demand. People must be paying that since they are still hard to find. I'm not sure we will be willing to pay that. We might go to a system where people can bring their own float!! Last summer, Connie gave us a new one as a "thank you" for using the pool. I told her that I was considering that one---hers. She has "dibs" on it every time she's here!

I'm telling you, these floats are like gold!! I have a feeling they'll turn up on my Christmas list!!

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  1. Oh that is so bad of retailers to hike up the prices like that - I'm pleased you managed to get yours at the right price!


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