Friday, May 31, 2013

Lending Books on a Kindle

I've been telling people for awhile that I was going to look in to lending books on a Kindle. So, I finally took the time to look in to it. I'm sure that I already told you that if anyone in your family shares an Amazon account, you get access to ALL of the Kindle books purchased.

Here's the deal on loaning books..

1. Not all books are lendable. To find out which ones are, when you go in to "Manage your Kindle" (drop down menu under your name in Amazon), all of the books you have will show up. On the right is a button that says "actions." Click on that to see the drop down menu. If is says "Loan this Title." Click on that and you will enter an email address to who you want to lend it to. They do not have to own a Kindle to "borrow" it. They can use a tablet or computer and probably  a phone.
2. The book is only lendable one time.
3. The book is only lendable for 14 days.

Apparently, whether the book is lendable, is decided by the author---not Amazon. When I checked some of the (at least) 100 books I have downloaded (most free)---the older the book is, the more likely it will be lendable. Any really new books I have are not lendable. None of our book club books are lendable (neither family nor friends book club).

Anyway, that's the scoop on lending books on a Kindle.


  1. how funny that I mention a kindle and you have a post on it. I think i may have to give in and buy one, then i'll be back to read again how you share books x

  2. I didn't know this was possible. I do like to learn something new every day

  3. I still read books via the printed version. How do you find reading with a kindle? Does it make your eyes get tired faster? When I am having a 'book day' I will read three or four books in one day and I am so afraid I my eyes would be over tired from the screen and I would have to stop reading (gasp! horror!). I don't find a great deal of time to read anymore so when I do get a day to myself that is often what I will do :-)

    1. I never thought I would like a Kindle. When I got it for Christmas 2012, I was skeptical---but I love it! The pages look exactly like a book. Plus, you can set the size of the font to suit you. I tried a print book recently and just couldn't do it anymore. I ended up downloading it to my Kindle!

  4. Very interesting - thanks for sharing this info!


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