Monday, June 3, 2013

This Past Week

It's that time of year---crazy busy. Wait, I guess that's pretty much any time of year.

This week, there was a lot of activity at the pool. It's still a little chilly, but once you're in, it's not bad. On Thursday, I came home to this:
It's kind of hard to see as I took the photo through the window, but Morgan had 14 people over. She did check with us first. We're happy to have them around. I was trying to take this photo without them knowing. 9 boys, 5 girls---great odds for the girls. They do a good job of cleaning up, but I'm going to have to set a few ground rules. I don't mind washing towels or providing refreshments (although they brought their own on this day). It's sort of a "catch 22." I love to have them around, but it also drives me crazy. I like the music, but they are going to crack our speakers by having it so loud. I want Morgan to be the only one messing with the sound system. Plus, when Morgan leaves for work, they need to leave too. I don't think that's too much to ask. The newness will wear off soon and then they'll only be over once or twice a week. Jordan only comes with her friends about once a week. Plus with all the teen work schedules, this summer might be different.
I talked to Jeanne as she filled me in on what's been going on in St. Louis. I asked her to send me a couple of pictures. Travis turned 1 year old in April. He's adept at stairs, but they are worried about him on their deck. So, they put up a gate to keep him from going up and down. Now he's learned to throw his ball over the rail. Seems like he's taught Jeanne how to play "fetch!"
 Jeanne is so smitten with him---and I don't blame her. He is so cute. She said that now when she goes to Angie's house, he doesn't want her to leave. When she picks up her purse, he runs over and holds up his little arms for her to pick him up. She loves it!! Finally---someone in "awe" of her!! She deserves to be idolized! That's the best part about grandchildren---they just love you!
 Mindy spent Memorial weekend in NOLA. She stayed with her friend Drew. She texted us these pictures. The Blockbuster down the street went out of business, so he bought a movie rack that he has in his living room. Great idea!
He also bought the candy counter---including the candy! Who does that? So funny---I guess if you have the room. I'm not so sure about that. I don't think it's a good idea to have that much candy around. But it's certainly a conversation starter---"hey, you want to meet me at the candy counter and then pick out a movie?"
 We had AYM this week. The challenge was to scrapbook your month. I narrowed it down to just what I do in the way of scrapbooking each month from planning classes to putting together kits.
 I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this. Talk about garden art---this is the ultimate in recycling. It's an old gas tank painted pink and has wings. I never understood that saying: "if pigs could fly." I guess it means the same as: "when hell freezes over."
Thursday night, I very sneakily, snapped this shot of Vince Gill and Amy Grant at the theater. We were seeing My Fair Lady and they sat in front of us. It's not a good picture because I was pointing it from behind my purse and couldn't really tell what I was getting. I had to take it because my sil (Chris) is a HUGE Vince Gill fan.

I'll fill you in on the weekend later---lots went on.

I'm leaving for the farm to scrapbook this week tomorrow. Think that through!!



  1. I love that pig! My kind of garden art :-)
    Your post the other day about the Kindle reminded me that I had downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone. But I hadn't looked at it since. I just finished downloading 32 free books :-) Such fun!!!!! Not sure how ill go reading it on my phone screen though. LOL. One day I'll have an iPad.

    1. Reading on the iPhone is pretty easy since you can turn it sideways. You just swipe it to change the page. When you open the app, you have to select the book you are currently reading and it will sync to the same page as your Kindle. Then when you go back to your Kindle, you have to select "sync to the furthest page."

    2. I read a whole book on it yesterday! Didn't find it tiring at all but ran out of battery and had to go sit connected to the wall!


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