Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Procrastination 101

Considering I'm very goal oriented, I can still be a procrastinator. I hate leaving projects unfinished---I'm one of those types that finishes anything I start---I most times won't let myself start something else until the first thing is finished.

Not true when it comes to my scrapbooking. I scrapbook randomly. I wait until the pages pile up before I put them in albums. Here's what I was dealing with:
These piles might not look like much, but they represent about a hundred layouts. It was time to get my table cleared off.

First comes sorting---putting the layouts in piles based on the albums they will go in.
Second---pull out the albums one at a time and put pages in.
Third---label albums.

Seems like this should be done in a flash doesn't it? Not so. It took me SIX hours!!! I used 3 tape runners and completed 3 albums while starting about 4 more. I even had title and end pages done in advance of this process (but it seems I never have enough).

One thing I ALWAYS do is add a "table of contents" to the front of each book. Also, I'm sure to sign the back cover and date it.
This is a heritage album. I've found that by adding the "table of contents" it makes it easier for me to find a particular layout---mostly for class purposes. But recently, my niece sent me a cute photo of Evie and told me how she is pulling things out of drawers and putting things in. It reminded me of a layout I did years ago that I titled "Toddler Rules." It's about: "if something is empty, I must fill it; if something is on, I must take it off, etc."
There are a couple of reasons I like to sign and date each album. One, for posterity---my great, great, great grandchildren will have a bit of my handwriting (which is also throughout the album), but also know when it was made and by who. Even if it winds up in an antique shop someday (gasp), it will have more value if it's signed and dated.

This is what I ended up with:
There are 14 albums in progress. I actually have two more on another shelf. This is what allows me to scrapbook anything, any time I want. Way more interesting this way.

I still have about 20 layouts that I didn't put in an album yet. They are all of the Zimmermann family. I hate that they won't all fit in one album and can't quite decide how I want to divide them up. Enough for now---at least I tackled the biggest part of the job.

It always takes longer than you think. Maybe that's why I procrastinate.


  1. I'm the same! I hate leaving things unfinished, although I used to be very good at it when I was younger. But scrapbooking? I have finally ordered some new albums and will be putting another big pile of pages away soon. I do like the idea of a table of contents

  2. Congrats on getting so much done I like the idea of the signing and dating too.

  3. I never thought about a table of contents or signing a completed album, but what great ideas! Love the look of all your albums together - is this based somewhat on the Library of Memories system? That's what I'm doing and I scrap whatever, whenever. Love the freedom.

    Now, speaking of procrastination... I'm have you for Sian's swap. I need a mailing address and some indication of your scrapping style or what you might like to see in your happy mail. :)

  4. What an amazing collection of scrapbooking pages you have Barbara. Really love some of your ideas for your albums. I had never thought to sign them, as obvious at that now seems. So much nicer for the family to look at in years to come and know who the originator was.
    And thank you for popping along to my blog.

  5. I love the table of contents idea! I will be using that from now on and the signature is also good - where do you put it? most of the covers of the albums I have are black or brown so I would need to stick a label into the back of each one...

    Guess what I will be doing today and for a while yet. I have 40 years to table and sign LOL

  6. Great job getting all those layouts in albums! These will definitely be treasured albums throughout the years. I go in spurts and will sometimes sign the backs of my layouts or a little spot in the corner.

  7. I am currently saving for more albums, so in the mean time the layouts are stacking up. But yes, it is always a HUGE job getting them into albums. I have a friend who never even puts them in albums. She has plastic tubs of layouts in her shed. It baffles my mind to never look at them again, but she says she only makes them for the creative process.


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