Friday, May 17, 2013


Outside my window: Grey and drizzly today. Sounds like a great time to spend in my scrapbook room. Hmmm. Shall I create, or organize? I think I need to organize something. I have a lot to do, so I need to just start somewhere.

I am thinking: About whether I want to go to a barn sale tomorrow, or just stay home and work. I think I'm going to let the weather decide---raining, stay home---sunny, barn sale. Sounds like a plan.

I am thankful for: A good night's sleep---since I haven't been getting one since this cough! Maybe tonight.

From the kitchen: Leftovers in the refrigerator---no cooking today. Something from freezer club tomorrow.

I am wearing: Since I usually update my blog in the morning, I'm usually still in my robe.

I am hoping: to be up in my office by 8:30 a.m. and in my scrapbook room by 9:00. I have to pay bills.

I am reading: Gone Girl---this book is unexpectedly good. It's really good. I love the format of books where each chapter is a different voice/perspective I am also reading American Pickers.  I don't usually read two books at the same time, but they are so different from each other that it's okay.

 I am busy creating: I did a little project for Jordan's graduation party last night. 
I made this shadow box frame for her dorm room. Just a little reminder of home and family. 
We talked about her upcoming orientation at the University of Tennessee on  June 6th and 7th where she'll pick her classes. She said that she's going to get the best dorm. She seems certain of it. Butch said, "yeah, along with 10,000 other kids that think they are getting the best dorm." Then we talked about dorms in general and my tearful reaction to them. They are "nasty" brick-o-block, motel-like rooms---old, tiny, dingy and uninviting. We "cozy" them up the best we can. Part of Jordan's graduation gift from us was the Pottery Barn catalog. I'm letting her pick out her bedding and room accessories.
Stephanie and Morgan "decorated" her car. She got straight "A's" and was exempt from ALL of her exams. As we were leaving last night, I told her that we expected straight "A's" in college too. She won't have any trouble with that.

I'm bummed: that this happened AGAIN!! This is my biggest pet peeve. I can't believe that people are so inconsiderate!

 My car is on the left---perfectly parked between the lines. I always choose a forward facing spot just so someone won't do this. My car is filthy right now, so I had to get dirty to squeeze in to my car. Seriously, I wanted to do something terrible to this car. Instead, I thought, I need to have some cards made up that say: "thank you soooo much for blocking me in." One of these days, I'm really going to do it.

I am hearing: GMA on the tv (Good Morning America).

Around the house and garden: I cut some rhododendrons for the kitchen table. The peonies are in bloom and plan to cut some of them too when the rain subsides.

In other news: I'm really looking forward to the Lapps visit next weekend. I'm planning to cook a bunch of stuff from the freezer in an effort to get it cleaned out. I would really like to get it defrosted soon. Connie gave me a couple of new recipes I might try.

One of my favorite things right now: I really enjoy playing "yahtzee" on my iPhone with family and friends. It's actually called "Dice With Friends" but it's "Yahtzee." There must be some sort of copyright to prevent the use of the name.

I appreciate: having a cleaning lady. That allows me more time to do the things I love.

I remember: One of my early jobs with Charles Chips. My best friend, Reenie and I went door-to-door to try to get people to let the truck stop by. They gave two 16 year old girls a company car---a 1963 Chevy. We loved the car, the job---not so much! Charles Chips have re-appeared in the grocery stores---that's what reminded me.

How the weekend is shaping up: The Potter's are picking us up to go to Angelo's for dinner tonight--we're meeting Bill and Nancy there. Angelo's is a new Italian place that Connie has just discovered. Other than that, we don't have anything else planned for the weekend. 

Hope yours is a good one!

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  1. The problem with going in the craft room to organize is that organizing inspires me to scrap, so I stop and scrap instead! LOL

    I'm usually reading four or five books at a time!

    Great to catch up with you this morning - hope you have a lovely weekend!


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