Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Now This is a Problem!

Recently, there was a news report about a guy that was killed when he was sleeping because half of his house---which included his bedroom---was sucked in to a sink hole. I think it was here in Nashville.

Well, my next door neighbor called yesterday to tell me that he had a geologist coming to check out the huge sink hole that was on the property line. He called back today to say that calling it a sink hole was a little more dramatic than it really is. Basically, there's an underground stream that has eroded the soil.

In order to fix it properly, it's going to take a backhoe, gravel, fill dirt and then sod. My neighbor is getting bids. As it turns out, the biggest part of the hole is on our property.
 There's really no way to tell how big this is. It's about 4ft in diameter and about 5 ft.deep. The pipe running through it is the neighbor's sprinkler pipe.
This close up shows the endless tunnel that reaches far under our yard. Even with a flashlight, I couldn't see the end of it. My neighbor did warn me to walk around to his side of the yard to see it. Our side of the yard is seriously in danger of collapsing. Luckily, it's no where near the house. But, depending on how far it reaches, it could go under the driveway. I hope not. Then it will be even more expensive.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's an inexpensive fix.

We leave for Charlotte tomorrow for Elizabeth's First Communion. We're looking forward to a fun weekend with the kids. We'll be home on Sunday.


  1. Ooh, that looks like a HOLE lot of hassle to me..

  2. Gosh, I hope that gets fixed soon and doesn't run too close to your house ... Hopefully th weekend will e full of nicer things

  3. Oh dear - I suppose turning it into a garden feature perhaps a romantic grotto is out of the question? Hope it isn't too expensive to fix.

  4. Oh my goodness how scary is that? I'm sorry to say it doesn't look like a cheap hole to me...


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