Sunday, May 5, 2013

"I'm Good With Spacial Relationships"

or so Mitchell tells me when I ask him about how he could cram all that stuff in his drawers.
He was hunting for something and his clothes were popping out all over.
 Still, he was able to smush it all back inside.
Now he's hunting for his loafers in the bottom of his closet.
 Elizabeth took time out from her preparations to help him look. He sort of sat back and let her take over.
I had to laugh when she said, in an exasperated voice, "Mitchell, your closet is a mess." He couldn't argue with that! The shoes never did turn up. He had to settle for his Sperry's.

Talk about spacial relationships...
I swear, he's grown another 2 inches since Christmas. We had such a good time over the weekend.


  1. lol! You can make a cute post from most anything. And I always get a smile from it

  2. What a great post - totally made me laugh this morning!


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