Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gearing Up for the Weekend

I'll begin with the grocery shopping today. The Lapps family is coming in for Memorial weekend. The plan is to just hang out at the pool, have a washer tournament, BBQ and family games. "Hang out at the pool" is about all we're going to be able to do. The water is still freezing and the temperature is only going to be in the low 70's on Saturday---80's on Sunday. Whatever, we'll have fun!

I'm calling it a "clean out the freezer" weekend. I'm going to be cooking all kinds of random stuff in an effort to empty out the freezer so I can defrost it. The perfect time to do that is when the whole gang is here. They can really go through the food.

I'm making a new dessert---I got the recipe from Connie. I'll share it here when I check with her. Another quick and easy dessert---my favorite type.

It's been fun re-connecting with Nuala. She used a couple of terms that I had to look up to find out what they mean---she said, "chuffed to bits" which means:   British slang term. It means very pleased with or very happy about something and is very similar to another British Saying, "Pleased as Punch". She also mentioned that her two little girls "keep me on my toes---chalk and cheese come to mind." That means: apples and oranges in British English, two things not really comparable. I added these phrases to my list of British words and terms that I've learned from my friends from the UK. I'm sure they are just as fascinated with my southern slang. Notice how I sort of claim to be southern---even though I'm not? Really, I still have my strong midwestern accent---sometimes reverting to "yous guys" rather than "y'all." Still I like my southern sayings---my favorite---"he's going to be a hard dog to keep on the porch!" Or "slap yo mama, good" when referring to really good food.

I met Madelyn and Mary Jo for lunch yesterday at a new restaurant---"M's"---at Cummins Station. It's right near Mindy's condo. There are so many new restaurants cropping up. I'll be picking the next spot.

We're waiting to hear what Mindy's next assignment is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Nashville. It would be nice to have her home all summer.

I did a little scrapbooking this week---my AYM layout. My layout is about how much time I spend scrapbooking, preparing classes, kits, reading blogs and writing my blog. It adds up to a LOT of time. Now I know why I'm always so busy, with seemingly nothing.

I'll be starting my pool parties next Friday. Surely it should be warm by then. This is very unusual for Nashville. In fact, we just turned the air conditioner on this week. Usually, it is the beginning of May and sometimes April!

I hope y'all have some great plans "cookin' up" for the weekend.


  1. LOL! I find that I am often the translator for my English husband. As I am American/Australian and have been married to him for quite a while now, I am good with translations. It is hilarious how differently us 'English' speaking people actually speak. My eldest was complaining today that it wasn't fair that he had to remember to use the British spelling of words in school. Why couldn't he use the US spelling???? According to him they are both spelled right so what difference did it make? I didn't think that he would have difficulty with that as he has always been in a school system using 'British' spelling, but obviously my few words that I have never been able to remember to spell the 'British' way have rubbed off on him. That and all of the US spellings in many of his books. I think I agree with him :-) Would have saved me lots of hassle in school when I was told I spelled everything wrong!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I just love new expressions and will be adopting your one about the dog in the porch :). Hope your food clear out goes well - I am doing the same thing with the contents of the fridge!

  3. Your weather sounds positively hot to me....the British winter seems to show no signs of ending.
    'Chuffed to bits' is an expression we use a lot down here in the south [UK].....I'm always intrigued by how we all speak English....but we definately don't speak the same language!!

  4. I had to smile at your english slang. I am a Londoner, my grandfather was born within the bow bells and the rhyming slang fascinates me. One slang word that sticks in my mind is a word my father-in-law always used
    "Whotcher" ..... Hello!!
    Have a super weekend..I wish it was in the 70's here instead of in the 40's brrrr!! x

  5. I was told by my texan friend that the plural of Y'all is...y'all y'all. I doubted this until I saw the Dixie Chicks on a TV programme and they said it! All I could do was shriek "Cliff was right!" while pointing at the TV screen. My family gave me The Look.

  6. I love your posts, they make me laugh as I haven't a clue about some of your sayings or your accent...I make it up. The thing is, your posts always seem so busy and happy.


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