Sunday, May 19, 2013

Accomplishing a Little, Enjoying a Lot!

So I'm still stalling to get in to my scrapbook room to clean out and re-organize---although on Friday, I did get in there and pull some things together for class kits. Plus I put together photos, papers and embellishments too. Now I'm ready to scrapbook when I have some time.

But, I did decide to do something about the blogs I follow. I was up to nearly 300 and decided I needed to clear some of them out. I have a blog reader, so at least I don't have to "click" on every blog each day. But still, having a hundred posts to wade through daily can be pretty time consuming. I went through my blog list---one-by-one--and looked at them. By the time I finished, it only took me an hour and I've pared down my list to my favorite112. That will be a much more manageable amount of reading! Sometimes, when I don't have time to read all of my blogs right then and there, I'll zip through and see what sounds interesting. I'll add it to my reading list and get to it later. The only problem with that, is sometimes, by the time I get back to those posts, it's a little late to weigh in on a topic. Hopefully now, I can do a better job of reading and responding in a more timely manner. Now if I can just figure out how to prevent all the "anonymous" comments I'm getting on my blog. Seems like they started after switching my blog reader. Very annoying.

We went to a rather new Italian restaurant, Angelo's, on Friday night. In Nashville we do not have great Italian restaurants like they do in St Louis. Or, I should say, we don't have Italian salads like they do in St. Louis. This one is no exception, except they do include a little slice of salami and cheese to a tiny salad. I know my friends are sick of hearing it, but it's true---in St. Louis, you can make a meal of just the salad and bread---at just about any Italian restaurant. The bread at Angelo's was fresh from the oven and delicious, but it wasn't Italian bread, it was French. Nothing wrong with that. I haven't met too many breads I don't like---except maybe those bread sticks from Olive Garden---don't like those.

Yesterday, Butch and I took the '93 Corvette to a huge auto show at the Titan's stadium. The weather turned out to be nicer than was predicted. Our weather men are pretty much always wrong. Anyway, we got down there and found that they wanted $18.00 per person to get in. That's outrageous! Plus, since it started to cloud up, we thought it might rain after all. Instead, we cruised our way to The Corner Pub. Morgan works there, but we've never been. Jack and Connie had just been there earlier in the week and told us how good it was. OMGosh! The burger was amazing---but the blondie was incredible!! Morgan told us she has one every night she works. We can see why. Wow!

We went to 4:30 Mass then settled on the front porch with a glass of wine. We only lasted about 20 minutes before I got my first mosquito bite of the season and Butch's hayfever got the best of him. We have a lot of cleaning to do to get the outside ready for the summer---this week, for sure.

I had 4 new shows taped only to discover that they've already been cancelled. I'm glad I didn't waste a lot of time watching them. But I am sad that Smash is gone. I wish they would at least let the writers wrap up the show. I really liked the incite to Broadway productions.

Speaking of tv shows, it case you missed it---and I don't know how you could---there's nothing but talk about Downton Abbey---here's a really clever, all-inclusive "catch-up."

Season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey in 5 minutes.

I'm going back to see The Great Gatsby with the girls this morning. Can't wait! It is soooo good!

And, finally, I've saved the best for last. I participated in Sian's "great big swap of small things."
 How much fun it is to get something like this in the mail? Very exciting!
Cheri surprised me with all kinds of goodies including a hand-made postcard/note (on the left). The buttons are vintage from her grandmother's button box. And I love the journaling cards---especially the two on top that she embellished. I'll share a layout or two when I use some of this. Thanks, Cheri and Sian!



  1. It's so exciting seeing all the swaps arrive. I am getting a lot of vicarious pleasure from the opening of each and every envelope :)

    Yes, Gatsby opens here this weekend and I'm hoping to go very soon.

    There is an option to shut off anon comments if you go into your blogger settings. That's what I did and it seems to be working

  2. Not been to see TGG yet, but I still remember the Robert Redford version ... Hope it is as good! Sorry to hear about the seasonal bites :(. Clearing clutter whether in a room or on one's computer always feels good!

  3. Your package looks very exciting! Like Sian mentioned above you can disallow anon comments in your blogger settings. I also did the same thing last week as those comments are very annoying. It sounds like you have had a very full week!

  4. Sorting things out - even if it is on the blog is always a good thing. Yeah for happy mail :)

  5. What a lovely parcel! I need a huge, no massive clearout on my computer but it always gets put to the back. Im pleased with my reader, I feel more 'up together' with blog reading now.

  6. What a great parcel. Such fun things there and I love that it says happy mail on the parcel!

  7. Glad you liked it Barbara - of course now I'm thinking I should have used a larger envelope - I keep thinking of more things I could have sent along!


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