Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Isn't it Against the Law?

Going without auto insurance? Jordan was "rear-ended" yesterday and the lady had no auto insurance. At least Jordan had the sense to call the police. Butch said that the lady would most likely get an extra ticket/fine for driving without insurance. Big whoop! That doesn't fix Jordan's car. Of course, her insurance will pay for it, but then Steph's insurance will probably go up.

I just don't understand how people get away without having insurance---especially if it's a law. Seems to me that one of the other states we've lived in, you could not renew your auto license without showing proof of insurance. That would take care of the problem---or else people would be driving around on expired plates. If you get caught doing that, your car should be impounded and not released until you've met all the requirements of the law. If you haven't gotten your car within a year, then it would be forfeited and sold by the police to pay for more officers and/or raises.

Problem solved.


  1. It's definitely against the law here and you could end up in court over it. I hope Jordan is getting over the shock!

  2. Glad Jordan is o.k. and hope they get the car fixed. Yep, as Sian said it is against the law here.

  3. Interesting solution you have come up with. Unfortunately it isn't against the law here :-( At least if the accident isn't your fault and you can identify the other driver, your insurance company can't increase your insurance cost or your excess. It is their job to go after the other person and collect the cost of the damages from them on your behalf.


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