Sunday, December 27, 2020

Something for Sunday

Earlier in the week, my cousin, Chrissy shared her redecorating with me. This girl has always had a knack. She was alway re-arranging her furniture. You just never knew how it was going to be when you went to visit. She doesn't rearrange the furniture much anymore, but redecorating is a great way to get a new look.

I love the black and white. The rug is perfect. Chrissy told me that she sort of went crazy on Amazon--even extending to black and while clothing! That's nothing new to me. I've worn black and white for years! For me it was because black is supposed to be slimming. Chrissy doesn't need slimming!
She said that she was enamored with the gnomes.
She was even able to find a few Christmas pillows that work perfectly. I've never decorated the bedrooms for Christmas. You have to draw the line somewhere. Although, I don't think a couple Christmas pillows is to much of an effort. They look so cheerful!

Thanks for sharing, Chrissy! I love you (we've been besties since we were kids)!

Do you decorate your bedrooms for the holiday?


  1. I have never thought of decorating bedrooms for Christmas! Those little gnomes are so popular nowadays aren't they?

  2. She has a real talent for dressing a room - very stylish.


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