Sunday, December 20, 2020

Elf Escapades

So last week, my two little nieces, Evie and Josie, Facetimed me. When I showed them our tiny little elf, they quickly told me that since I touched it, he had lost his magical powers. I didn't really know the story of that guy, so I just said, "oh, he doesn't have any powers, he just gets in to trouble." I guess that satisfied them because they didn't say another thing about it.

Anyway, we've all been having fun with him. Sandy's little guy is having a good time.
You have to look really close.
You just never know where that little guy is going to show up.
Hiding amongst the ornaments.
Barely visible in this beautiful centerpiece!
I wonder how long it took Elizabeth to spot him.
He's tiny, but you can definitely see him amidst all that white!

And now for Mindy and Justin's little guy:
So, I'm not surprised that "he" likes Sour Patch kids, but the bigger question is, how is it that Mindy and Justin have them lying around their house?
Uh oh, he knotted up Justin's running shoes!
Swingin' from the mistletoe!
Having a little drink--tipsy?
Life is so bright, he needs shades!
"Whew, all this running around has made me a bit smelly!"
Time for a little shopping!

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  1. Those last two are super clever. Thanks for the chuckle.


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