Friday, December 16, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I just love this time of year. It's the only time I can really get away with being totally obnoxious! My friends love to hate me. I'm on top of it, have everything DONE---house decorated, all gifts, bought, wrapped and neatly stacked under the tree, all parties are planned, food in the freezer (double batch of spinach balls, 2 cheese balls, vegetable soup and enough stew for 4), holiday menus planned and all non-perishables in the pantry. I'm on top of it. I have nothing left to do but look forward to the fun. And that goes like this:

Today, meet with Christy to discuss window treatments for Mindy's condo, lunch at The Palm with my friends, do a little prep work for family baking day, then relax in front of the tv for the evening. I might even do a little needlepoint---haven't touched that since before Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, family baking day starting at 8 a.m. and usually ending by noon. We'll make 4 or 5 varieties of cookies and a triple batch of Chex party mix. Butch oversees the decorating of the sugar cookies. I do the cookie dough mixing and cleaning up as we go along. Luckily, I have double ovens. Sometimes the timing of everything gets a little tricky. It's a lot of "pots" to watch.

After family baking, Mindy and I are going to look at tile for her backsplash.

If I get my way---which means, if Butch doesn't play golf in the p.m.---we'll go to 4:30 Mass. That's my favorite. That way, Sunday is a completely "free" day.

No evening plans. I'm thinking I might watch a Christmas movie or two. Haven't done that yet.

Sunday, aforementioned free day. Actually it won't be that free. I have some cooking to do for my tea on Monday. And I really need to get working on 6 layouts for all of my different clubs coming up in January. Plus I need to get kits and handouts written for AYM on January 4th. Still, all of that's fun---it's just working all of it in.

Monday, AYM/1 kickoff tea. I'm really looking forward to "unveiling" my plan for 2012. Exciting stuff! Plus, I'm sharing my teas from England. I'm a little disappointed that Mindy has to be out-of-town. She's been "in" most of the fall---and now right before Christmas her boss sends her out---go figure. She's excited because now she'll gain "platinum" status for the Hilton Honors Club.

At 5 p.m. I'm going to my friend, Sally's for wine and the viewing of her most magnificent tree. I'll definitely be taking pictures and posting them for you to see. She has a 16 ft. tree every year. It is so incredible. I just love to see everyone's house at Christmas and especially hers. This tree is just unbelievable. About 2 years ago, she went from "real" to artificial as the "real" ones were costing over $1000. The only "catch" is that now she has to rely on her hubby to get the tree out and up---and we know how that can go!

Tuesday, I'm having Connie, Nancy, Pam and Karolyn over to stitch and watch "A Muppet's Christmas Carol." They've not seen it. It will be a little crowded, but we'll "make do." I'm making Sandy's roast beef sandwiches for lunch---easy and really good.

Wednesday, the Dominican sisters come to visit. We have our annual ornament exchange that evening. I started it about 16 years ago and did it for 5 or 6 years. Then Connie hosted it for 7 or 8 years. Pam's doing it now for her 2nd year. Besides all of us, it includes our daughters and granddaughters. I do love it when traditions carry on generation after generation.

Thursday, the Lapps family arrives in the evening and the FUN really begins! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. How can it NOT be? Family and friends---nothing better!

I hope everyone can "kick back" and just enjoy the season! All it takes is a little pre-planning. How do you spell "obnoxious?"

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