Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

Let's start with those pillows that came in last week. 
They look so nice considering how cheap they were--$12.00 for the square covers and $14.00 for the oblong tasseled pillow. Now on to what I didn't buy.
This! When we got home from the beach on Saturday, I promptly went out and cut flowers from my garden. I have dozens of daffodils in several varieties in bloom. Then there are the hellebores--Lenten Rose. This is the very first time I've cut them. I didn't really think they would hold up as a cut flower. I base that on the kinds of flowers you see in professional arrangements or that you can buy in floral shops, or even the grocery store. These are not flowers you ordinarily see.

 I cut them on Saturday afternoon and they still look as fresh today! Gotta' love a free bouquet! 

Speaking of which, I got an email from my floral friends at White's Creek Flower Farm. Deliveries are beginning this week. I didn't order one this week since I had my own. But I do love her gorgeous arrangements and will be getting them whenever I'm in town all through the spring, summer, and fall! Plus, it's a nice way to support a small, woman-owned business right here in Nashville!

Now on to this:
Our clock/radio has finally bit the dust. Butch thinks it's 40+ years old. I really cannot remember. Could even be all 50 years we've been together--oh wait! I don't think digital was invented yet when we got married! 

It's on his side of the bed. I have to admit, I only look at it when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I never realized how much I depended on it. When this happened, I was way late in getting up to start my day. That sort of thing really throws me off. Remember, I llive my life on a timeline! And I mean that seriously. I allocate my time every day in order to do, and accomplish everything on my list. That means down to the minute sometimes! 

Butch went to his favorite place and my new favorite place. He asked if I wanted to go. I said, "no!" Remember, I'm not really an "in" store Walmart shopper!
Now I'm back on track. And, I like that it's blue. The numbers are a little bigger too. That's a plus!

That's our buys for this week. Well, except for the things I've ordered that have yet to be delivered. Next week, y'all...

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