Saturday, March 19, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

Beach Projects--I wanted Butch to make the sign "BEACH" to match the little one in the miniature beach cottage. I was amazed at what he came up with! It was perfect and exactly the same! That was just one of the many projects he did for our beach condo!
This layout is our "round robin." Only Karolyn and I did it this month. Notice the hand stitching that I did on a couple of the squares. That's the thing I love about our "round robin"--we all want to do interesting and fun things for these layouts. 
Here, I used all of the extra photos to cut the title. It was a pretty simple layout, but it covers it all!
This layout is about the remodel we did at the beach. I did the "remodel" on the computer and printed it on vellum. I layered it over a die cut of the Santa Rosa Beach title.
Of course we love 30A! This layout is all about what we love!

I've had a fun couple of weeks scrapbooking. Still a few to come! 

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  1. I enjoy seeing your pages, you do a great job of getting enough photos on the page to really show the story. Great trick on cutting the title from photos.


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