Saturday, March 12, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

Here are the last layouts from my scrapbook weekend.
This layout is from Butch's Portugal trip.
It's another fold-out. Butch takes extensive trip notes. This set was about 9 pages long!
The last Disney layout---this one is going in Mindy's album.
I did this layout for out "round robin" group. We each trade pictures and do a layout for someone else. I always love doing these. I definitely spend more time when it's for someone else. The journaling on the right opens to reveal another photo and the rest of that die cut tree. On this layout, Susan (the friend I was doing it for), allowed me to do the journaling. I took the opportunity to use a lot of fishing terms in the story. Butch even got in on the act. He provided me with the "flies" that are on the fishing hat. He cut the barbs off, so no one will get "hooked!" (See what I did there?)
This layout is from our Key West trip. 
I used another folder on this one to make more room for photos.

This is my AYM layout for our "Songs of Our Life."
I picked the song and put the kit together. "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" is a particular favorite of mine. And this girl is another!
Here's the journaling:

I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think I'm caught up on trip layouts. Oh, wait! I forgot about the ski trip. I'll be doing several layouts for that. I haven't even gotten the pictures printed yet.

The work of a storytelling, scrapbooker is never done....

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