Sunday, March 6, 2022

Something for Sunday

I know this might offend some of my readers, but I’ll say it. T-shirts are just plain sloppy! 

There are many good uses for t-shirts. I think they were meant as workout attire, sports attire, sleepwear, work clothes, and hanging out around the house attire. I could even go along with running a few errands—AFTER you’ve worked out!

But as a wardrobe staple? I don’t think so! They are not “nice” clothes! To pair them with nice slacks is a definite “no-no!” Even paired with a nice pair of jeans is downright disrespectful to the jeans! I’m saying NO! And t-shirts in church—OMGosh! I can’t even go there! Well, except for that one time....(this will be made clear later.) 

Take traveling for instance. Look around. When you are traveling, you can pretty much bet that it will be the Americans in t-shirts. In foreign countries—okay, I’ll admit, I’m no expert on foreign travel, but I’ve been around—even the locals do not wear t-shirts as mainstay garb for around town. In fact, I’m pretty sure we were turned away from a nice restaurant in France because a member of our party was in a t-shirt! (No, I’m not talking about Stephanie and Nicky—it was way longer ago than when we went with them last summer.)

Lest you think I’m being all “high and mighty” and snobbish here, I have a confession to make:

One Sunday, upon arriving at Mass, we were approached to “bring up the gifts” during the Offertory. Of course, I’m all like—“Us? You want us?! Oh, what an honor!” (Not really, but it sounds good.) About the time we were returning from the altar, I noticed that Stephanie (around 10 years old), was wearing a black t-shirt with an ugly, green ghoul on the front (in her defense it was near Halloween—who am I kidding, there’s no defense)! I was mortified. But then, I was that mom who didn’t even notice what her daughter was wearing to church! I don’t even have a good excuse. I was totally negligent. Obviously, I didn’t pay attention to what my girls were wearing! Short of butt or boobs hanging out, I just simply don’t notice! But I do notice sloppy t-shirts on adults!

Don’t get me wrong. I have several t-shirts that I love. I wear them on scrapbook retreats, but that’s about as far “out” as I’ll go on being seen in public in a t-shirt. 

I’m not alone in this. My brother has brought it up to me before. He doesn't like t-shirts when traveling. My friends don’t wear t-shirts out and about either. Let's start a revolution: NO MORE T-SHIRTSNO MORE T-SHIRTS, NO MORE T-SHIRTS, NO MORE T-SHIRTS! 

Okay, I'll stop now.


  1. I heartily disagree with your assessment of the tee. A good condition solid color scoop neck or v neck tee under a blazer with nice jeans is a classic look. A black tee with fabulous jewelry and tailored slacks can be very trendy.

    But if you are talking about tee shirts with logos or artwork on the front, then I definitely think there is an age where those are no longer appropriate, and it is younger than most people think!

  2. There is definitely an age when I think that slogans and large logos on t shirts don't look good (and I reached that age a while ago!) I don't often wear a t-shirt unless it is a Breton striped style and I definitely wouldn't wear one for a night out, I guess there is a time and a place and for me that place is in a casual situation!


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