Monday, March 21, 2022

Monday Mystery

Do you know what this is?
What the heck is a "pummelo?" It looks like a grapefruit except bigger. But for $3.00, I'm not taking a chance. Hey, wait! I'm going to look it up! Hold on while I do that.

Okay, the first thing I learned is that it's actually called a "pomelo." 

A fruit that goes by many names; pomelos are also called pompelmoes, shaddock, or pummelos. These delicious citrus fruits originated in the South.

Pomelos are an incredibly under-appreciated member of the citrus family. They look like larger grapefruits.

Okay this is crazy. Somehow that word turned blue and I cannot get it back to black. Even though I change it to black it reverts to blue again. Computers---sheesh!

Then I came across this statement:
It is so refreshing and makes you come alive again.

Well there you go! I want to come alive again. I'm going to have to buy it! Seems a bargain at 3 bucks to come alive! Again! I guess because it has such powers, they can't just call it a grapefruit--or a jumbo grapefruit. It's a pummelo. Plain and simple.

Mystery solved. 


  1. So, you have to tell us, what did it taste like? Was it worth the money? Have you come alive again?!!!

  2. I'm wanting to know what you thought of it, now you have it home! I've heard they're sweeter than a grapefuit ... What did you think?

  3. Well your blue bit of text is a link to grapefruit cupcake recipes, so I am thinking it wasn't totally accidental. ;-) You just didn't want to fess up to going from healthful fruit to sweets. But I am kinda glad it happened.


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