Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Travel Tuesday

By the time you are reading this, we will be in Portugal. This trip was rescheduled three times. We're just happy to be finally doing it. We're with my brother, Matt and sister-in-law, Sharon. 
Also my other sil, Janet is with us. 
We'll be here for a week. 

Still, I have a little travel report. It's just not ours. 

Last week, Stephanie and Mindy were working from the beach. Unfortunately for them, the weather didn't cooperate. It was a bit chilly and rainy most of the time. But one day, Stephanie sent me this:
One of her favorite things to do is to start her day by walking on the beach with her coffee. Now don't be fooled. She doesn't go for sunrise. She doesn't get up THAT early! I'm just glad she managed to have at least one decent day. 

Later in the week, the girls sent me this:
The caption was: "We're smoking candy cigarettes! Are we in trouble?" I responded, "Shame on you!" 

Actually, this is so hilarious! When the girls were little, Butch would not let them have candy cigarettes. He felt like that promoted a bad habit. I didn't really agree with that as I remembered the fun I had with candy cigarettes when I was little. Hmmm. Actually, now that I think back on it, he might have been right. I did become a smoker! Luckily, I left that bad habit behind when we left St. Louis on January 1, 1977. But I do still remember how much fun those candy ones were--and they tasted good too. The bubble gum ones contained powdered sugar. So if you blew out rather than inhaling, you actually got smoke!! Fun!

I don't think the girls are in danger of picking up this bad habit. We no longer have any smokers in the family. 

If I have a little time--which is pretty doubtful, I'll try to send a few photos soon!


  1. Now I'm wondering which part of Portugal you are visiting! My sister is at her holiday home on the Algarve coast at the moment!

  2. Hoping you have a wonderful time in Portugal - that's a long way to go for just a week!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your Portugal adventure. I remember candy cigarettes tasting like slightly sweet paste, and lucky for me the real thing never held any allure at all even though I grew up on a smoking home.


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