Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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Admittedly, I don't know much about football. I can't say I even really like football. But when everyone in the family is obsessed with it and many of your friends are obsessed with it, you either get with the program or be left in the dust!

I did not grow up in a football loving family---I guess because we were mostly girls. We had one tv so for my two brothers, there wouldn't have been much of a chance to watch. Baseball was more the family sport. I haven't been an avid baseball fan since the 1960's. But I will admit, if the Cardinals make the playoffs, then I'm obsessed!

Anyway, back to football. Since I didn't grow up with football, I had no idea the passion many people have for it. I remember, 30 years ago, when Connie and I first became friends, that we had to revolve our lives around their University of Tennessee schedule. I say "we" because if I wanted to do something (which was just about all the time), Connie had to check the football schedule first! I got used to taking a backseat to football. That certainly prepared me for the family's passion today---not all the girls, but ALL the guys for sure!

So, in the vein of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," I decided to join 'em---at least some of the time. The Titans came to Tennessee in 1997 (originally the Oilers) and moved to Nashville in 1998. I agreed to "let" Butch buy PSL's (personal seat license) with his friends. We have two seats, which meant I needed to go to the games. We still have those seats today, but I rarely go. When I do, it's when he can't find anyone else to go with him. That doesn't happen often (thank goodness). I only do it for "love!" If I'm going to watch the game---and that's a big "IF"---I prefer to be in front of the tv at home with my stitching.

When it comes to college football, I'm a Notre Dame fan. I don't watch many games, but I claim them as my favorite team. It has nothing to do with wins or losses. It has nothing to do with the coaches or actual players---I don't know a single one. It has to do with several simple, unimportant reasons: 1. Notre Dame is Catholic. I do love that. 2. Greg went to Notre Dame while Sandy was across the street at Saint Mary's. 3. My sister, Joyce and her family are HUGE Notre Dame fans since they live in South Bend. (It's actually a pre-requisite to be able to live there!).

I'm  a Titan's fan just because the family is. Some family members have other allegiances too. Justin and Mindy are Patriot fans. Mindy is a Titan's fan first. Justin is Patriots and Tom Brady ALL the way! He take a lot (A LOT) of crap from the family--or I should say some of the guys! This criticism has lead to a major decision on my part.

I am now a Patriots fan---for simple, important reasons:
1. Okay, let's start with their name. Ya' gotta' love that! It's the best name of all the teams. And I'm a Patriot---absolutely no doubt!
2. The team is incredible with extremely talented players! No argument there.
3. They play through adversity. The 2017 Super Bowl come back was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. Unbelievable. You don't have to be a football fan to appreciate that.
4. They've won the most Super Bowls (yeah, I know, it's easy to love the winner!)
5. (My best reason of all) My son-in-law loves them and I love him!

You know me. When I make a decision, I am ALL IN! I've been learning about Tom Brady. Turns out there's more to him than his good looks! Check out this video: Tom vs Time. It's 15 minutes long. Holy Smokes! The guy is nuts. How can he put himself through so much? Talk about the 10,000 hour rule---he must have 100,000 hours logged in all his effort. Stands to reason he would be a phenomenal athlete. Love him or hate him, there's no denying that.

I have no idea of what will happen in the upcoming Super Bowl next week, but I know who I'll be rooting for! I just wanted to make my declaration prior to the game so it doesn't look like I just jumped on the band wagon of a winning team. Oh, wait, I already have!

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