Monday, January 1, 2018

Ringing in the New Year!

New Year's Eve started with work! I started in the laundry room. My plan was to get all the cabinets cleaned out. I hadn't really done anything but stuff more things in over the last 22 years. I spent a total of 5 hours---1 hour the day before. This all included catching up on the laundry including 5 sets of sheets and a myriad of towels.
By the time I finished, I had 5 trash bags and a pile of rugs to get rid of. Butch has already loaded them into his car to take to Goodwill. I might not be moving, but I'm determined to get this house cleaned out! I've saved things for far too long!
 The laundry room hasn't been this cleaned out in ages!
 I keep the rugs here until I need them. But, all the hang up stuff has been put away.
 These counters were full of junk---plant pots, a basket full of socks and other odds and ends. I did not clean out the cabinets under the sink. They are full of vases. I've thought for years that I would give them away by filling them with flowers from my garden. I told myself that I'm really going to start doing that this year. Yeah, I am. Maybe I'll make it a New Year's resolution!

While the clean out was going on, I was also preparing a New Year's Even dinner.
 Setting the table is always my favorite thing to do.
I used these little sleds as napkin rings. I used the sleigh itself as a holder for the Ghiradelli chocolates I decided to use as table favors.

Don't be fooled. While the dining room might appear to be dressed with glitz and glamour, this was going on right outside the door!
 I decided to wash the blanket and mattress cover on Mindy's/the guest room bed. This pile of sheets and towels was in her room. I tossed them down the stairs. Just when I thought I was done with the wash!
I found this random sock in the laundry. I sent this picture to Stephanie, Jordan and Morgan to see who it belonged to. Now, we all know that Steph loves fun socks. Well, apparently so does Nicky!

Stephanie, Nicky, Mindy and their friends, Bonnie and Dave came for dinner and games. They all brought something to make it easier. Mindy brought the appetizer---pizza dip, Stephanie made the dessert---chocolate peanut butter ice cream pie and Dave brought a Caeser salad with delicious homemade croutons. I made a chicken dish with basil cream over pasta. I also had bought Provel cheese while in St. Louis last week along with a loaf of Italian bread. I made garlic cheese bread---the whole meal was so good!

I bought 3 bottles of champagne. Now here's the thing. I only have champagne twice a year---Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. I can never remember what type I like. This year, I was determined to keep track. Butch bought the champagne for Christmas. I didn't like it. I bought the champagne for New Years. I saw Korbel and decided to try it---not so cheap either. As soon as I opened it, I didn't really care for that either. Turns out, it was exactly what Butch bought for Christmas. Talk about memory problems! In all fairness, I wasn't the one doing the pouring last week!
Truth be told, the only reason I even drink champagne is so I can use one of these fancy glasses!

After dinner, we played several games. I had volunteered to take everyone home. We left around 11:15. It was bitter cold! When I got downtown to Mindy's place, we couldn't believe all the people outside walking around or waiting to get in some of the bars---girls in short dresses and high heels. They had to be freezing!

Mindy and Butch went to the Titans game earlier in the day and the temperature was only 17 degrees.
They said it was pretty cold, but they toughed it out until the beginning of the 4th quarter. Mindy said her nose and feet were freezing. Uh, do you notice that she is not wearing socks! Nor did she have on long underwear. Butch keeps trying to tell her it's not a fashion show. But you know girls---it's always a fashion show!
By the time I got home, it was 10 degrees---pretty unusual for Nashville! I just hope this freeze takes care of the bug problems! In the meantime, I'm enjoying lots of this:
 Hanging out in front of the fire place. I love fires. We burn real logs in the family room. The other fireplaces have gas logs. I don't care. I just love a fire---so warm and cozy.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your table settings - so lovely!! It's cold here, too, this week . . . but I did manage another walk today (it was up to 24 degrees!). :)


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